ON Arousal, 4 Reasons You Should Try Clitoral Stimulants!!

Never tried On Arousal Clitoral Stimulant? Curious about what it is and how it works? Then read on to find out about this pocket-sized libido enhancer and if it might be your new favourite purchase.

Visual appeal and packaging 4/5

Black and Pink are common colours for female adult toys, so when I saw the small black box with pink accents, my first thoughts were: “This is definitely aimed at women.” This colour scheme makes you think of femininity and control, the cornerstone of a woman’s personal, sexual journey. The product box is simple and almost disguises the erotic nature of the bottle inside. The bottle itself is an eyedropper style bottle that stands less than 6cm high, easily slipping into your clutch or handbag for some date night fun. There isn’t a lot of packaging and the amount of oil inside the bottle is sufficient for several months use, depending on your masturbatory habits and preferences. Really it seems like the box is only necessary to enclose an instruction/FAQ leaflet, a host of information that can’t fit onto the bottle. Being small and black, the bottle can be easily lost in bags and drawers, but this is a small gripe to have.

Functionality 3/5

According to the box,

1-2 drops applied directly to the clitoris will provide up to 45 minutes of pleasure, reapply as needed. A simple screw cap holds back the yellow oil inside, and releasing the desired amount is easy enough. When it says up to 45 minutes of pleasure from 1-2 drops, that was not my experience, though I had to consult with other women who have tried ON, because the experience is so subjective. My experience was around 20 minutes of sensation, one friend reported a similar time, where the other claims over 30 minutes for her. One key factor to the oil’s longevity is how much lubrication is present when applying it, and how much lubrication you add or produce during your play time. According to the enclosed leaflet users should wait for 2 minutes to experience the full effect, before adding extra lubrication. Edible, natural and easy to throw in your pocket or bag, ON could be your foreplay go-to if the experience matches your needs.

One problem with the product

is that it needs to be applied directly to the clitoris, for some people this is harder to achieve than others, if you don’t have a clitoris, there are penis friendly versions of this product. For people of different physical ability, sizes and shapes, products like this oil could be exclusionary because of their difficulty in being able to apply as per instructions. 

However, depending on your situation, a partner could apply it for you as needed, this is a couple friendly option but is not toy or condom friendly because it is an oil, 

although there are water based options like the JO Volt This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, this product is not compatible with a bath, it will just wash off and have little to no effect. When finished it simply wipes or washes off, if you need to remove it at all, often the effect just dissipates.

Experience and Material 3/5

Once ON starts to interact with the clitoris

I felt intense warmth, accompanied by an occasional light “thrumming” or tingling sensation, but mostly the warmth. Of the two friends, the one who experienced similar timing to myself had a more intense tingling experience than mine that lasted for longer and was more consistent. The friend who feels it for over 30 minutes reported more of an arousing throb and intense tingling that continued throughout the experience. As mentioned earlier the sensation is subjective, and all three impressions were pleasurable, but only one of us seemingly gets the full, intended effect, using the recommended 2 drops. During sex, direct friction on the clitoris can increase the feeling of warmth, however using positions like cowgirl, and doggy style, that allows you to vary or control clitoral stimulation can lead to new, fun ways to orgasm.

Looking into the ingredients list

The sensation is mainly caused by these ingredients: cinnamon, ginger and prickly ash, each of them creates a different warmth or sensation on the skin. Encapsulated in the oil, the effect of these plants is only felt on sensitive skin, like on the clitoris and vaginal lips, it can’t be felt on your finger. Adding more ON to increase the effect ensures that the warmth increases accordingly, user beware of personal limits.

I decided to try what 4 drops would feel like, and that’s when the throb started, it feels like the clitoris starts pulsing and dancing under the tingles, 

but the added heat was intense and occasionally felt akin to a mild burning. The throb only lasted for a few minutes and wasn’t noticeable when masturbating, mostly because the friction increased the heat so much that the overriding sensation was WARM. My take away from the experience of using too many drops was, don’t.

Wow factor/pleasure 3/5

I neither love nor hate this product, however,

The other two users previously mentioned both love this product, so it is worth breaking down the benefits of this tingly oil for the curious. I have a clitoral hood piercing and normally I don’t notice it unless it is being played with, though my clitoris is quite sensitive. When I used ON, every movement of that ball could be felt no matter what I was doing, especially when the pulsing and thrumming was obvious. How sensitive my clitoris became whilst using ON, was genuinely shocking, but actually very pleasant. I found it easy to use and the oil was lubricating for the clitoris.

I don’t enjoy this product for masturbation or missionary sex, having so much heat around my sensitive parts is sometimes uncomfortable and distracting. For doggy style, I think this is perfect, it adds stimulation to the clitoris, and if there are testicles or the base of a dildo, their pressure/slapping can add more variety your experience. Both of my friends agree about the increase in clitoral sensitivity and both love it for sex, so really it depends on your personal, physical preference,

if you like heat and intensity, this product could be a new favourite for you.

I would definitely recommend people try this product, 

even if it isn’t a favourite of mine. For those whose skin is extra sensitive, this product may not be a good match, it is very intense, but for most people, even using just a little bit of ON can provide plenty of pleasure. For people who struggle with vibrators but want to try something new, this could be for you. For under $30 this product is an excellent price for what you get, and is accessible for anyone to try. There were three opinions cited in this review, 2/3 love it, so chances are you will too.

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