Specialty Lubes

Explore a wide range of specialty lubes at Adult Bliss Erotica, your premier Adelaide-based sex shop. Whether you shop online or visit our store, we offer an extensive selection of specialty lubricants to enhance your sexual health and wellness. Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on orders over $50 and discover the pleasure of specialty lubes from Adult Bliss Erotica.

Indulge in the tantalizing sensations of warming lubes, designed to add a delightful heat to your intimate experiences. These specialty lubes create a gentle warming sensation upon contact, heightening arousal and intensifying pleasure. Elevate your encounters with the sensual warmth provided by our collection of warming lubes.

Experience the best of both worlds with hybrid lubes, combining the benefits of water-based and silicone-based lubricants. These specialty lubes offer the long-lasting and silky-smooth glide of silicone lubes, while remaining compatible with both latex and non-latex condoms. Enjoy the versatility and enhanced pleasure that hybrid lubes bring to your intimate moments.

Unleash your fantasies with flavored lubes, adding a tasty twist to your oral encounters. Our selection of delectable flavors will tantalize your taste buds and enhance the pleasure of intimate activities. Explore a range of delicious options and transform your intimate experiences into a feast of sensations.

Discover the thrill of sensation lubes, designed to provide unique and exhilarating experiences. From tingling to cooling, these specialty lubes offer exciting sensations that can enhance sensitivity and intensify pleasure. Explore the variety of options available and take your intimate moments to new heights.

Shop now at Adult Bliss Erotica and explore our range of specialty lubes. Enhance your sexual experiences, prioritize your sexual health, and indulge in the pleasure that these specialty lubes have to offer. Elevate your intimate moments with Adult Bliss Erotica, your trusted destination for sexual health and wellness.

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