Rewards Program

Friend-Zoned Rewards Program

So you want to be Friend-Zoned? Well, who can blame you! Our rewards program is one of the best around and we are always delivering exciting new rewards catered just for you! 

So What’s the T’s & C’s?

Put simply, there are two tiers to our member’s program; The Friend Zone tier and the Friends With Benefits tier.

You unlock the Friend Zone tier just for signing up! and as you earn points and redeem rewards you’ll eventually unlock the Friends with benefits tier!  

This is already a pretty great deal! But it gets better; when you accumulate a total of 67,000 points, we upgrade you to the second tier Friends With Benefits!

Let’s just say we want to make it worth your while, what’s the point in being Friends With Benefits if you’re not getting the benefits. Trust us it might take a little while but its worth it!

In a few words:

Your points or (Bliss Bux) now unlock rewards, for example;

5,000 points unlocks a $5 off coupon.

10,000 points unlocks a $10 off coupon.

20,000 points unlocks a $20 off coupon.

45,000 points unlocks a $50 off coupon.

and many more…

Are there other ways that I can earn points?

Most definitely! We need to interact to get to know each other better, right?
Not only can you earn points in-store, but you can also earn points by interacting with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! We do love a bit of banter, don’t you?
Of course, if you want to spread the love, we’re not going to stop you. Actually, we’ll also give you bonus points for any successful referrals you make. PLUS, if your friend signs up they’ll start off with a discount voucher as well! Pretty cool, right?