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Here you will find all things anal!

From butt plugs and anal beads to prostate stimulators and anal training kits! The main thing that sets anal toys apart is that they will always have a base on them, either an anchor or a round suction cup. This is the make sure that the sex toy never goes in too far, it is very possible to “lose” toys in the anus if they don’t have a base. Ask anyone who works in an ER, this is very common and sometimes requires surgery for removal!

So make sure to never insert a sex toy into your anus unless it has a base to stop it from getting “lost”.

We always recommend silicone sex toys for your health and product quality. As always, use water-based lubricant with your toys and clean with a sex toy cleaner rather than soap! Try our System, Jo Care Kit, for everything you need at a great price!

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