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Your Guide To JO Actively Trying Fertility Friendly Lube

System JO Fertility Friendly Lubricant

When trying to get pregnant there are many things you should consider regarding fertility, but the type of lube you are using usually isn’t on the list of products to avoid; especially in Australia where spermicidal lubes are not available, our industry feels that the risks do not outweigh the “spermicidal benefits”.

Because Australia doesn’t sell “spermicidal” products, most of us assume that the lubricants and sex toys we use won’t impact fertility. Turns out we were wrong, they can interfere with sperm health and motility.

Never fear, there are fertility-friendly products available, and they’re not hard to find. Lube makes sex more pleasurable, can increase stamina for men and help make climax easier for women. When trying for a baby can be stressful, a product like Jo Actively Trying can help get the mood right. *Disclaimer – this is a fertility-friendly lubricant, however, if trying to provide a sperm sample for fertility testing or other means, you cannot use any lubricants or any product, not even this one, as it will contaminate your testing sample.

Visual Appeal And Packaging 5/5

Jo has a clean-cut, basic approach to designing and decorating their bottles, Actively Trying is no different, the label features small hints of baby pink suggesting femininity, and in turn fertility. Many products are too flashy, their intent obvious, Jo Actively Trying makes the product’s intent obvious, whilst providing a simple, classy looking product that is not out of place amongst cosmetics or on a bathroom shelf.

The bottle is small enough to pack in a travel bag for those romantic weekends away and is secure enough to not leak through your bag during the trip. One thing I like about the Jo series of containers is their simplicity, and environmentally aware packaging means a no-fuss experience every time. When the bottle is finished it can be recycled or upcycled, depending on your personal habits. Squeeze bottles can be difficult for people with muscular disorders or fine motor skill problems, however, a partner could help with application.

Sexual Health Fertility

Functionality 5/5

A standard bottle of Actively Trying contains 120mL of silky liquid, which is plenty for many hours of pleasure with a partner, or alone. Featuring a flip lid and moderately soft squeeze bottle design, the design makes dispensing the desired amount of lube easy. Squeeze bottles can be difficult for people with muscular disorders or fine motor skill problems, however a partner could help with application. I haven’t tested this theory, but I don’t believe a couple using this product for fun, without trying to conceive, would burst into flames because they’re not trying to get pregnant – products, thankfully, do not work this way. In short, yes, this product is designed and marketed for couples trying to get pregnant, but it is a lubricant so it should be suitable for any person who feels like this product matches their needs.

Experience And Material 5/5

Jo lubricants are, in general, a smooth, pleasurable product to use, and Actively Trying continues the silky, smooth tradition.

Akin to the water-based lubricant Easy to use and easy to clean up, this product is safe, fun and comfortable to use for everyone, but especially for people or couples trying to get pregnant.

Experience wise, if you didn’t read the label, you would think this is a nice, standard lubricant, as mentioned before, it feels similar to other water based lubricants. Lube has one advantage over other adult products, and that is, there is no such thing as too much lube – the level of wetness desired is a personal preference, not a prescribed amount.

Wow factor/pleasure 5/5

Lube always adds wow factor to masturbation and sexual activity, wetness often makes things more fun for everyone involved. Personally, I found that a little goes a long way with this product, and reapplication wasn’t necessary a lot of the time, however individual experience may vary, depending on your personal chemistry.

One thing that I really enjoyed about Actively Trying was that the wetness felt almost like natural wetness, helping me forget that I was needing to use lube.

As many of us experience, your mindset and emotions can impact our feelings during sex, if you can’t get your head in the mood, your body can refuse to get in the mood. Having a lubricant that effectively mimics natural wetness helps both mind and body join the party and enjoy pleasurable masturbation and/or sex with a partner.

The mental stress of trying to fall pregnant can feel overwhelming, which can impact your libido and natural “wetness”, so having reliable, fertility-friendly resources is important. I won’t talk about the efficacy of the lube, simply because I can’t judge that. No, I haven’t gotten pregnant whilst using this product, however, that’s not the product’s fault, human fertility is much more complicated than that.

Overall I think that this is a fabulous product because it feels good to use, is easy to clean up and it has been an effectively pleasurable lube in my experience. For any women trying to get pregnant, this is a must-try product.

Before I sign off I feel it is important to repeat: do not use lube, even this lube, if you or your partner are providing sperm samples, any lube can cause inaccurate results.

System Jo Actively Trying Gets

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