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Vibrating Love Egg Wireless Remote Control Sex Toy

Love Egg Wireless Remote Control Arien Lastic Ocean Breeze Sex Toy Review

Vibrating eggs are accessible for everyone, they are a versatile toy that can be used all over the body for vibrating massage, and can be hidden/inserted vaginally for discrete public play. Many of us like to shop on a budget, wanting value for money – enter the Adrien Lastic Ocean Breeze Vibrating Egg. Eggs are an all-round toy, providing lots of opportunities to try new things alone, or with a partner.

Remote controlled toys are also great for literally everyone, alone or giving your partner control, hands-free toys are a must for the bedroom repertoire.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of all things vibrators or new to sex toys altogether, the Ocean Breeze egg is worth checking out.

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Visual appeal and packaging 3/5

Like the Apple iPhone box the packaging is simple, clean looking and sturdily built, but without the gaudy imaging, even to how the items are layered inside, egg nestled in a display cradle, hovering above the extra contents. Underneath is everything the little egg needs to make your insides tingle: remote, battery, chord, travel bag, warranty and instructions. A handy detail of the box is that the sturdy design enables it to double as a long-lasting storage space, safe from pets, prying hands and eyes.

Visually the egg looks nice

but has nothing that really stands out about it, the tapered bullet shape and size are agreeable, as is the long, thin pull loop, which screams easy to remove. Industry-standard colours for all sex toys are often pink, purple and black, this vibrating egg is no different.

Functionality 4/5

Some aspects of the Ocean Breeze Vibrating Egg are simple and accessible, other parts are more challenging. The small indented ‘On’ button can be difficult to see among the ridges, once turned on the remote controls everything. Charge time is often less than an hour, making it easy to use at a moment’s notice. It can be difficult to see the small charge symbol imprinted on the side and navigate the slender pin into the sheathed hole. The pressure needed to push in the charge plug is reasonable, it would be difficult for those who have arthritis or reduced hand mobility.

A full charge gives enough battery life for, at best, 4 hours

of continuous play. Unless you’re practising tantric sex, or going for a Guinness World record the battery life should be enough to support most people’s play time, public or private. Regardless of how you choose to use it, this little egg is versatile for internal and external use, solo or as a mutual aid, in public or at home. Post use cleaning is easy because of the shallow grooves, which, along with its small size and USB charge cable, make it easy to travel with.

Vibration style and material 3/5

This little bullet-shaped egg feels so silky smooth in the hands, like sultry soft skin, so comfortably rubbed between your fingers. This smoothness, and the bullet shape, help with comfortable, easy insertion.

Depending on your own natural “wetness” lubrication may be an optional aid for external use, however like all internal sex toys lube is advised, and makes everything so much more enjoyable.

There is some light ribbing,

but the grooves are shallow, enough to give some feeling but not enough to feel rough during insertion or use. For people who like high frequency buzzing vibrations, this could be a great toy. Each of the vibration patterns rotate from deep, buzzing vibrations, to thumping, buzzing, beats. There are 10 vibration patterns listed on the packaging, but I couldn’t count beyond five because they felt too similar. Being waterproof makes it a great toy for the bath

Wow Factor/Pleasure 3/5

Personally I prefer toys that have a medium girth and have a strong rumbling vibration, preferably movement, and a design where I can receive internal and external stimulation at the same time. The Ocean Breeze Egg is a good first-time toy for people who haven’t used many/any vibrating toys or internal toys Its size is small enough to feel accessible for most people – though still has enough girth to provide plenty of internal stimulation. For external stimulation, this can be buzzing fun for everyone. Solo, mutual masturbation, public play over a dinner date, I have tried this little egg in a variety of scenarios and whilst it isn’t my favourite toy, it certainly has provided hours of versatile fun. I did find that the light ribbing wasn’t prominent once inserted, and when inserted the pull string occasionally needed to be adjusted to avoid rubbing against vaginal lips.

I would recommend this for any person seeking to add something new to their toy collection;

especially for those curious about “public play” or are undecided about vaginal eggs. The Adrien Lastic Ocean Breeze Egg is reasonably priced and versatile. Depending on your preferences it can be used internally and externally, with vibration or without.

If you struggle with vibration or penetration this is an easy toy to try, light ribbing provides extra stimulation for external use without vibration.

Having the long pull loop provides easy removal whilst also making vaginal eggs more accessible to those who have less mobility to insert and remove the egg. Its girth is small but still provides pressure and sensation without vibration, allowing for a variety of pleasures whether solo or shared. The remote makes the product more accessible to those with reduced mobility, but also adds the option of sharing the control with someone else. Take it to the bath and have some fun, or maybe try some foreplay during a dinner date, this versatile toy provides endless opportunities for you to enjoy it alone, or with a partner.

Adrien Lastic Ocean Breeze Gets:

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