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Womanizer Premium 2 Review

If you haven’t heard about the Womaniser clitoral stimulator then you need to read this review immediately, for everyone else, you also need to read this. Prior to the Instagram memes about the strength of women’s orgasms using this chunky and pleasantly funky toy, I knew nothing about the brand Womaniser or their toys. After playing with the Premium 2 extensively… well you can read on to find out.

Visual appeal and packaging 4/5

Encased within a clean, professional looking box the Womaniser 2 looks like a beauty or healthcare item that you could purchase in David Jones or a luxury retail outlet.

Carefully packaged with it are the charging chord, a medium sized head (the small is already attached), the user guides and a cotton storage bag. There are a variety of elegant colours available including pinks reds, black and white, if specific coloured sex toys are your thing, you’re likely to find a colour to suit. In separating the components there are extra bits of plastic packaging, and whilst necessary they are not eco-friendly, if that is a consideration for you the consumer.

Functionality 5/5

Four buttons sit flush with the outer handle of the Womaniser clitoral stimulator, they are discrete and easy to press regardless of dexterity or hand strength. Easy to hold and angle for maximum pleasure, and waterproof, I felt that this particular stimulator has been designed to suit the widest range of vulvas possible, not just because of the interchangeable head sizes.

One unexpected bonus of the extra head is regardless of clitoral size they can be used to provide stronger/weaker intensity for you to play with, which can extend or hasten your pleasure and orgasm.

Side note, being able to remove the head makes for easy thorough cleaning every time. Small lights on the handle provide a wide array of roles from indicating battery levels to the current function in use. Appropriate for couples, solo use and for any person who enjoys the sensation of air pulse technology, it can be a bath time toy and travel with you. I really struggle to find fault with the design of this product, right down to how it doesn’t function unless the head is touching your skin, saving on battery, Well there is one slight criticism, but I’ll save that for later. Did I forget to mention the positives of the battery? It charges in two hours and gives you up to 4 hours of continuous play time… I’m selling myself on this toy again.

Vibration Style and Material 5/5

Once you touch the soft silicone head to your sensitive skin strong tapping and suction sensations take over, even the softer intensities can penetrate tissue enough to create a fantastic orgasm within minutes. 

Consider for a moment, there are 14 intensity levels and I don’t usually get above 4. This of course is dependent on your natural sensitivity or receptiveness to clitoral stimulation, regardless, this thing is POWERFUL. Autopilot is a mind-blowing feature that switches up the intensity during your play time to keep the surprises coming to better help you. Personally I truly enjoyed this feature, especially since there is only one vibration pattern it provided some variation other than the manual movement my hand created. To be fair, I liked that there was only one pattern, sometimes I feel like the multitude of patterns can be overwhelming and I end up only using the basic ones anyway. Here I should include that the intensity can be uncomfortable for genital piercing owners – play with caution. This is my criticism, that the high intensity and pulling with the suction head can create a tearing or sharp twisting feeling with a genital piercing. In saying this, if you have genital piercings you should know these risks and should experiment with new toys accordingly, this isn’t so much a design flaw, rather something that could be mentioned in the enclosed literature.

womanizer air technology vibrator with vibration waves

Wow Factor/Pleasure 5/5

I’ve said this before but this chunky, soft, powerful toy has topped my list of favourite toys, maybe forever. Anytime I use this it is effortless, exquisite orgasms within minutes. Having a clitoral hood piercing meant some experimentation with angles and suction intensity, but once I had that figured out it was smooth sailing to the waterfall of sweet release. Clitoral stimulators are my favourite type of toy, they generally provide me with the greatest control over my orgasm and the most pleasurable outcome. Without thinking I often reach for my Womaniser, and given the size of my toy box, that is saying something.

Womaniser Premium 2 clitoral stimulator has a huge reputation for two reasons: one because of the mind-blowing orgasms that I have mentioned a few times already; two because of the premium price tag attached. The real question is: Is the Womaniser worth the price tag? In my humble and well masturbated opinion, yes, simply because of the overall quality. Everything feels worth the price, from the charge time, to the easy cleaning, the simplicity of use and the endless gushing goodness of strong orgasms. If you have been eyeing off this highly talked about sex toy, take this is the self-love push you need to jump in and buy one – I’m confident that you won’t regret it.

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