Emico Electric Douche Nozzle


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Product Overview

Safe and effective douching has been made easy with EMICO'S Electric Douche Nozzle. Its compact size and water bottle attachments allow for use with almost any bottle. Its innovative electric spray technology provides a 360°, 3 speed and 5 spout cleaning method achieving an effective cleanse. EMICO'S Electric Douche Nozzle comes with a flat or long nozzle for your choice of cleaning.

Anti Backflow Technology -

The device features one-way valves to prevent dirty water from flowing back, providing an advanced and hygienic way of cleaning.

Body Safe Materials -

The nozzle is made of premium silicone, providing a safe, smooth and comfortable experience.

Unisex -

Suitable for everyone.

Fully Automatic- 3 speeds

5 water spouts for 360°clean

Anti Back-Flow Technology

Premium Silicone


USB Rechargeable (cable included)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review