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Refer A Friend Blitz

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Our brand spanking new Refer A Friend Program is here, and we know your mates will love it!


Got a bestie who's been a little stressed, just went through a breakup, or doesn't own a sex toy yet? Refer them to the Friend Zone with Adult Bliss!


Log in, open the rewards widget, and go to the Earn tab. Click "Refer a Friend."


Copy your unique link, and when your mates use it, they'll get $10 off their first order!


Once they place their first order, you'll get 400 Heart Points added to your account!


Refer as many people as you like!


you must:
Sign up or already be a member, 

Understand this offer is not limited to July and is available all year roun.
You will only be rewarded once your friend makes thier purchase after creating an account with your code.  

you code is unque to you and anyone can use it to make an account so feel free to share it publicly or directly in private, its up to you! 

No Cap On Product Review Rewards

1/7/2024 - 31/7/2024

Whats the deal;

As part of our loyalty program, you can earn 25 Heart Points for reviewing products purchased through your account on our website. Normally, it's limited to 3 reviews per month.


But for July only, we're removing the limit! You can review any product, no matter where you bought it, and review as many as you want! and get rewarded for each review!


At the end of the month, we'll tally up all your points and add them to your account! Plus, the top reviewer scores a bonus 400 points! Get excited and start reviewing!

You must:
1. Be logged into your account when placing the reviews.
2. Verify each review (well email you).
3. You must have made a purchase from us at some point.


All other T&C's regarding Loyalty Program can be found on our explainer here

Recycle With Adult Bliss

On Going

As most of you may know we have a Acting Sustainibly program, attached to our member ship program. 

The way it works is, if you bring in your old rechargeable or battery opperated sex toys clean and in a sealed bag, we'll have them E-Wasted. 

The best part is if you make a purchase when you bring them in well add 200 extra points to your account, Thats five bux worth of points! 

You must make a purchase in order for us to reward your account. 
The points will sync to your account withing 24 hours and can be used for your next visit, 
our points never expire.
The product must be E-Waste appropriate.


All other T&C's regarding Loyalty Program can be found on our explainer here