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Anal hygiene products, like anal douches, are for some people an integral part of anal sex and anal play. a few recommendations when using a douche anally can help with avoiding any uncomfortable experiences.

1. Never use anything other than water to douche with. There are way too many “recipes” on the internet telling you to use this and that but honestly, they are just going to cause more problems than they are worth!

2. Never use hot water! Room temperature works best and won’t burn or scald your insides.

3. Lastly try not to douce too often, just like a vagina your anus has an ecosystem of good bacteria. Every time you douche you remove not only waste and matter but also the good bacteria. Try to limit douching to once max twice a week.

As always we recommend using Water Based Lubricant with your douche, and clean with a Sex Toy Cleaner rather than Soap! Try our, System Jo Care Kit, for everything you need at a great price!

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