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Limba Flex by Fun Factory Toy Review

I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Limba Flex by the good people at fun factory, and I can tell you the companies name definitely mirrors the product… I had a lot of fun.

Now let’s break down this toy and what it has to offer!

The packaging 5/5

I know you’re thinking ‘get to the good part!’ But believe me the packaging fits that description.

On first opening the product you’ll find a user guide to the toy, but it’s really more than that. This little booklet has ideas for games to play with a partner while using the toy, some other products that may accompany the Limba Flex well, plus some info on the company who are based in Germany, claim to be pro-employee, strive for a small carbon footprint, and source their materials locally to them these are all important factors to me personally when looking at businesses.

After I was done admiring the booklet, I noticed some writing on the inner lining of the box, upon unfolding it I discovered EVEN MORE fun suggestions for how to use the toy and a check list for what each person looks to gain from a play session making the Limba Flex a very couple compatible toy.

FunFactory Limba Flex Pamphlet

Material 3.5/5

The toy itself is quite the cute looking unit, it has a curved directional head (more on directions soon) with some flaring at the curve. The base of the unit is quite interesting with 3 circular protrusions giving it an almost venn diagram look, what this base hides in that shape is extremely powerful suction capabilities! Not lying when I say on receiving it at my postal address I slapped it on my mums fridge and it stuck like the Dickins, maybe a little immature but we had a good laugh. For something so strong it’s actually quite easy to remove from surfaces too.

The silicone used in the product is top grade and hand mixed to produce some beautiful colours (mine is lovely green/blue). It has an amazing feel to it too, firm but with some give to it in a way I’ve found other toys lacking.

Now back to directional capabilities! It’s called the Limba Flex for a reason bend this toy into whatever direction and its stays making it perfect for scratching that itch wherever it may be on the day.

This makes it an amazing G spot toy for all bodies.

Wow Factor 4.5/5

Now I must give disclaimer here, as a pre-op trans woman I had to use this as an anal toy so I’ll try convey my experience for all genders. I have the medium unit measuring in at a respectable 6 inches which is quite a comfortable length for myself.


Insertion: the toy has a nice bit of tapering at the head so after sufficiently lubed, I found it very comfortable and easy to insert, the slight give to the silicone made it a more pleasurable experience than some harder toys I’ve used in the past.

Hitting the spot: prior to insertion I had given it a little upward twist to test out the flexibility and holding of place after it made its way into the body, and I have to say for something so easy to bend it knows when not to!

It held strong and found its target very easily, which was both surprising and exciting (in the best ways). It was firm in its action without being a ‘driving’ force.


Movement: like a flamenco dancer this unassuming toy moves fluidly throughout play, I changed its position, I changed my position, I changed the light globe, it held the ladder…

Those last 2 not so much but it may as well have because it was helpful in the way it adapted to how I wanted to play.

The finish: wow is all I can say, I had an amazing time with this toy and once I was done it was as easy to remove as it was to insert. Clean up was a breeze the full silicone construction made for quick and mess free cleaning.

Overall 4.5/5

Fun factory have really done there work here to provide an enjoyable dildo experience, as someone who usually prefers vibrating toys was very happy with this product and will be spending a few nights in with it in the future. I really want to give it a go in the shower to really put the suction through its paces.

I look forward to trying more from fun factory if the Limba Flex is anything to go by.

Limba Flex by Fun Factory
FunFactory Limba Flex Pamphlet
FunFactory Limba Flex Pamphlet

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