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Sex Toys to Try Before You Die

Sex Toys to Try Before You Die

Simon Simon
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So, You’re probably thinking to yourself,

“I have all the sex toys I need”,
“how different can other toys be from mine?”

Well if that’s the case, I’m so glad you clicked on that link! The following is a list of our favourite Sex Toys to try that we feel either don’t get enough attention or everyone should try at least once in their lifetime! 

I’m going to walk you through everything from gift ideas for people who already have extensive collections, the best penis pleasers, things you thought were too kinky to try and all the weird and wonderful in-between! Basically, this list is for everyone out there ready to move on from basic toys looking for that big O they will never forget!

Gift ideas for the folx who have everything:

So just a quick list of great toys that you can buy your friends or partners when you know that they have a lot of common toys already! These sex toys are most likely not in their toy box just yet! 

We usually recommend easy to use sex toys that aren’t too complex but, if the person you are buying for already has a bunch of sex toys then you can probably step it up a notch and feel confident it will be well received, they might already be a bit of an expert!

Vive Enora Wand And Gspot Vibe

Vive Enora Wand And Gspot Vibe


Enora Wand & Vibrator Purple The ENORA, double-ended, pulse-wave wand & vibrator, boasts a 10 function vibrating wand head and a 10 function pulse-wave vibrating...… read more

The VIVE ENORA from Shots, double-ended, pulse-wave wand & vibrator, boasts a 10 function vibrating wand head and a 10 function pulse-wave vibrating handle, making it an all-around perfect pleasure tool.

The 2 motors will give you over 100 possible unique settings to play with!

Made from 100% silky-smooth medical-grade silicone, making it the perfect gift, wands can be used by anyone and the pulsator G-spot end can also be used as a P-spot stimulator!

Not convinced? Check out these other great products known to satisfy especial for people who aren't crazy about vibration! If you are looking for something a little more beginner-friendly then maybe you should have a look at our Sex Toys for Beginners Post Here.

Places your penis hasn't been:

So when it comes to Sex Toys to try for penis owners, things used to be very boring! Many penis owners don’t even know that there is more than just the Fleshlight on the market these days, and even more still don’t know about the joys of prostate stimulation products (but we’ll get to that later)! However, the ultimate penis pleaser award has to go to the Alex Neo! 

Svakom Alex Neo

Svakom Alex Neo


Reach new levels of satisfaction with the Connexion Series; a range of 5 products that offer pleasure integrated technology in the form of an app-controlled...… read more

This auto-stroker not only does all the work for you, it’s also app compatible and it can also talk to you while doing the deed! The amazingly soft and sensual interior sleeve features an auto-grabbing technique that offers an exceptionally realistic experience, and App-powered features give an extra touch you didn’t know you needed. It’s equipped with a more intense thrusting motor that introduces a powerful and adjustable thrusting strength, taking you as far as you desire.

So if that doesn’t float your boat, I mean, honestly, what does? Na, just kidding, below is a list of the next best things! All these Mastubators are in our opinion the best in the biz and 100% worth putting on your bucket list!

Closing The Orgasm Gap:

There are HEAPS of different types of orgasm! Most commonly encountered is the external orgasm, YES you hear right, stimulating the penis or the clitoris is the most common way to reach climax! Penetrative orgasms aren’t rare, however they just aren’t as common as external orgasms, and some vagina owners don’t experience them at all for a whole variety of reasons which we won’t go into here. 

Today, we are talking about the BIG O and what sex toys are gonna get you there! We’re mainly going to focus on G-spot and Clitoral stimulation here just to keep it a little simpler, we might delve into other methods in a later post.

Doxy Number 3

Doxy Number 3


Doxy Number 3 is the perfect combination of the power form the Doxy Massager and the luxurious body of the Die Cast, all in a...… read more

Doxy Number 3 has deep rumbly vibrations reaching 9000 rpm, we can see why the Doxy is such a popular wand. As if all of the above wasn’t enough to make Doxy Number 3 a favourite, this amazing version also comes with a removable silicone head that can be exchanged for any of the 4 head attachments, designed by Nexus, which allows for different types of play and stimulation with just one toy. this is the all-rounder, whether you like clitoral stimulation, nipple play or even anal rim play, with the attachments you can delve even deeper and hit that spot no other toy can find! The Doxy 3 can do it all! Check out our Review of the Doxy Range here.

For a lighter touch, but by no means any less intense the Satysfyer Pro 3 is where it’s at. Users report reaching climax in less than half the time it takes with conventional vibrators, making the Satisfyer Pro 3 the number one seller in our store for serious clitoral stimulation.

Satisfyer Pro 3+ Vibration

Satisfyer Pro 3+ Vibration


This innovative new design features a conical shape with flexible silicone meant to ensure a seal around the clitoris. We've also added vibration for deeper...… read more

This innovative new design features a conical shape with flexible silicone meant to ensure a seal around the clitoris and can be held onto with just your thighs for hands free play and added vibration for deeper stimulation. Click here for our review

The G Stormer by Dorcel Packs a punch like no other. With super powerful up-and-down thrusting this product has a specific linear motor design offering you an incredible experience with its 7 speeds and up-and-down movements.

Dorcel G-Stormer

Dorcel G-Stormer


THE G-STORMER RABBIT FROM DORCEL: DOUBLE STIMULATION AND POWER OF THE BACK-AND-FORTH MOTIONThe G-Stormer Rabbit is the first rabbit from Dorcel with back and forth...… read more

The specifically designed curved shape offers an ultimate G-spot stimulation and brings you quickly to seventh heaven! If you do like intense g-spot stimulation with a little added clitoral stimulation to boot then this is the product for you and a must-try for anyone who likes strong, powerful penetration!

Dip your toes into the Kink Lifestyle:

When it comes to kink and BDSM, some people find themselves becoming very nervous trying to wrap their heads around the concept, let alone how to talk about it. One of the best things about BDSM is that communication is often more thorough and open than the type of communication we have about sex on a day-to-day, and means you can really tailor the experience you desire. As long as you are honest and upfront about your boundaries and have given and received consent your lines are where you put them!

Most people would be surprised to find that they or their partner/s actually do have a kink or two, or find they’re thankful they at least had the conversation with their sexual partner/s. If you are curious to find out more about BDSM and Kink check out our extensive list of articles on the subject here.

Kit001 Love In Leather 9 Piece Bondage Kit

Kit001 Love In Leather 9 Piece Bondage Kit


Vegan friendly 9 Piece bondage kit, available in black, red, pink and purple. The kit includes: Faux  fur lined wrist cuffsFaux fur lined ankle cuffsShackle...… read more

The best way to dip your toe into BDSM is to start with a conversation, followed by purchasing an essentials kit like this one! This kit will give you all the basics you need to try out as much as possible without a huge investment! The number one most underrated kink sex toy is probably the blindfold, removing the ability to see can increase your other senses dramatically and builds anticipation which leads to increased pleasure. Cuffs and floggers are always a good next step just remember a lightweight flogger like the one in this kit is not solely for applying pain, it can be used as a tickler as well! Collars can be a bit of a big step for some people however this one is very comfortable and very lightweight. Lastly, the gag! Gags are great for many reasons, they will increase saliva production making oral sex more enjoyable after the gag is removed., they are also a really good tool for getting into a submissive space.

A few other underrated BDSM sex toys are:

E-stim products, wax play, clamps and pegs, and rope play.

Below is a short list of products we find do really well with first timers looking to spice things up in the bedroom!

We really hope this list has at least has helped to show that there are heaps of amazing Sex Toys to try out there that you might never have even heard of, and has given you some ideas for your next visit to our store! As always we are super keen to answer any question you may have or help with product functions and features! You can get in touch with our lovely staff here!

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