You might be wondering how to have sex in public, or maybe why people have sex in public.

Having wild sex with the risk of being caught at any moment is an idea that gets many people hot under the collar, and depending on your boundaries and comfort levels there are ways for anyone to explore this fantasy.

Before we go any further, note well that I do not encourage anyone to have sex in public, mostly because it is legally questionable (depending on what you choose to do and where you choose to do it), in saying that – you enjoy life your way, I certainly am.
This bit of fun is merely written to explore what can be done, what I have done, and what you should consider before doing any of it yourself.

Whether you want to have some cheeky dinner time teasing or would like to push your luck, and your boundaries, by engaging in public intercourse, there are toys and situations for all comfort levels. You could find a quiet place to park your car, or a secluded place in a local park to explore some natural behaviour. Alternatively you could share a light dinner whilst one of you controls a sex toy for the other. Next time you are staying at a hotel with a partner you could consider some wild fun on the balcony, or in front of a large window, if you have one. There are a range of toys available for this kind of play, from vibrating toys to stimulating oils, your first experience can be as wild or tame as you are ready for. Voyeurism and Exhibitionism are sexual tendencies that are very relevant to public sex.

Exhibitionism is the enjoyment of being watched, voyeurism is the enjoyment of watching – you can be turned on by either or both, or neither of them.

What you do and why you do it is up to you and your partner, there are no hard and fast rules as to what works for everyone.

Over 15 years I have experienced and been involved in various types of sexual acts spanning many public places,

some of it was great, some of it was awful, and some of it was seen by other people.

Location is important, because as fun as it might be orgasming in the booth of a Hungry Jack’s restaurant, the other patrons may disagree. One story probably explores the messages I want to convey better than most I could tell you, the very first time I tried using sex toys in public. My husband and I went out on a sushi date, with me using the Adrian Lastic Silicone Breeze Egg, my husband had the remote and it was tantalising drawing out the foreplay where he had control. Everything was deliciously fun, until there was a car accident outside the restaurant, and like most normal people with first aid training we ran out to see what help was needed. Of course we forgot about the egg momentarily until we saw that no one was seriously injured and that we were not needed. Then amongst a huge crowd of onlookers I discretely asked him to turn it off. Instead, he turned it up several times first, my physical reaction was noticeable and noticed, though onlookers just giggled then went back to the accident. This embarrassment aside, we still enjoy pushing our boundaries at times, we just communicate better through it and try to be more aware and prepared.

The most important question is what are your and your partners’ boundaries? Are you okay with the risk of being fined or having a mark on your criminal record, or at very worst, going to jail. I will include a few useful links at the bottom of the page for you to consider.

There are a lot of grey areas surrounding what is and is not illegal, even within the boundaries of your own home, so it is best to be informed and ready for whatever can happen.

Once you’ve determined whether you’d like to fornicate in the bushes or tease each other over dinner, it is then time to decide on the details of your adventure. Consider your location, and what activities are possible within that location; think about how much food and alcohol you want to/can ingest and still enjoy your plans; have a look at what local events are on, having the local Nippers group training near your steamy beach romp could dampen the mood significantly and land you in some legal trouble.

Between consenting partners who communicate their wants and their boundaries, having sex in public can be liberating, invigorating fun.

With some planning, preparation and an open mind more new experiences public sex can be liberating and invigorating for couples, even if things don’t go to plan the excitement could be fun. Communication is a word you’ll get sick of if you read enough of my work, but if my vibrating egg during the car accident scenario can teach you anything, it is that you need to be prepared to communicate effectively. Public sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, all of it is about exploration, enjoyment and expression, what that looks like for you and your partner is different to any other couple. If you are looking for something new, exciting and a little bit naughty then, see what public fantasies you and your partner can imagine up together.

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