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10 Reasons Why Lubricant Is The Best Sex Toy

Why Lubricant Is The Best Sex Toy

Lubricant, what is it and why would anyone think that lube is the best sex toy ever? Whether you’ve never tried lube, or have only bought it from the supermarket, I have 10 reasons for you to peruse, exploring why a good quality lubricant should be in everyone’s bedside drawer.

1 – Sex and masturbation are more pleasurable when you use lube.

There are several reasons for this, including the fact that lubricant increases genital sensitivity. Added wetness, on the vulva, or around the penis, changes the feeling of skin texture, creating new sensations during sexual activity.

Condoms and sex toys can benefit from reduced friction, making sexy time safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

The best take away from this is that adding lube to your sexual routine is that it can intensify your orgasm, and lets be honest with ourselves, who doesn’t enjoy a good strong orgasm.

2 – There is lube for everyone.

With the variety of products available it has never been easier to match your texture preference or physical needs, there are also good lubricants available for all price ranges. You might be wondering how to pick a lube, well the best way is to try any that pique your curiosity. Currently available on the market is: Water-based lube, best for first-time users, sensitive skin and the only product recommended for internal vaginal use; silicone-based lube, highly advised for anal play; Oil-based massage products, these products include masturbation creams and oils, they should be used in place of household items like cooking or coconut oil; Specialty lubes, like Jo Fertility Friendly lube and cooling or warming products; and flavoured lube, which adds tasty fun to the bedroom.

3 – A good, water-based lube supports women’s sexual health

It is one of the few toys or products that is available to effectively support people who have difficulty producing natural wetness, for example, people who are experiencing perimenopause or who have endometriosis, where hormones and natural bodily functions don’t always work to produce natural lubricant. Get out of your head and into bed with a little lube to reinvigorate your sex life.

4 – Lube is one of the cheapest sex toys available.

Starting from as little as $15 a bottle, there should be a price point to suit almost everyone. Having a more expensive lube doesn’t mean you have a better lube, though specialty items like fertility-friendly lubricants, multi-purpose products and silicone-based lubes will attract a higher cost. The choice of a personal lubricant is subjective, one person might love the cheapest option and not rate their experience from the most expensive brand.

If the price is a worry for you, see where you can access trial size bottles and single-use packets to help find your perfect wetness

– yes single-use packets are not environmentally friendly, however, I don’t recommend having a communal bottle of lube everyone shares, hygiene standards, please.

Sex Lubricant

5 – Whether enjoying yourself solo, with a partner, or a group, lube is a great product for everyone.

Everyone should feel comfortable using lube whenever they feel it is appropriate. It can be used for masturbation, for sex, for massage (both erotic and platonic), to stimulate erogenous zones (like the nipples), and for any occasion where you want to get wet and wild.

If you feel embarrassed about using lubricant then go into the medicine aisle of your local supermarket, there will be lube there, showing that even condom companies and your local grocer encourage you to use lube when you want/need to.

Just as an added note, sure there is nothing terrible about supermarket lube, but there are better, more clinically created options available from your preferred adult retailer.

6 – Flavoured lube can help people who don’t enjoy oral sex, but want to perform it.

Flavoured lube can help those who don’t enjoy performing oral sex, or add something fun and new for people who do enjoy performing tongue acrobatics. These lubes aren’t limited to the groin region, they can be applied and enjoyed anywhere on the body that you want to lick and kiss. Flavoured products should not be used internally, just as a precaution, to protect the vagina’s natural microbiome.

7 – No other sex toy is easier to clean or travel with.

It is the easiest sex product to wash or wipe off, depending on your personal hygiene preferences post-sex. Some products, like silicone-based lube, will need soap or a good, wet cloth, to fully clean off, however it is still an easy and quick process.

Easy cleaning makes lube easy to travel with, just put it in a reusable bag or sealed container to avoid leaks through your luggage.  

If you use flavoured, silicone-based or specialty lubes, it is advised that you shower afterwards, in fact, a shower sometime after sex is always a good idea, simply to avoid UTIs.

8 – No one stays wet forever, but there is always more lube.

For many women natural wetness only lasts so long, lube in on standby for those extended sex sessions, where added wetness is wanted or needed. Sometimes the mind is in the mood, but the vagina hasn’t caught up with the program, enter lube to fix the problem. Finding the right lube for you can help alleviate the stress and discomfort associated with pelvic problems.

9 – You need lube to engage in anal play, since the anus does not produce its own natural lubricant.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of torn foreskins, anal fissures and the variety of bizarre things that can happen when anal play is approached in the wrong way.

With the right lube and a little communication, anal play has never been more fun, or enjoyable for everyone involved. If you are new to anal play, have plenty of good lube on standby, this will ensure your full enjoyment of the experience.

10 – There is no such thing as too much lube.

You use as much, or as little, lube as you need and enjoy yourself, it washes off after all. N.B. It is the recommendation of this author, and Adult Bliss, that only water-based lubricants be used for internal vaginal lubrication, to protect your health.

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