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Best Sex Toys For Beginners

Best Sex Toys For Beginners

Simon Simon
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So you have been all over our online store and you’re just not sure, you haven’t had a vibrator or sex toy before and you have no idea what to expect. Are we close?

Well if you want to make the right choice for your Best Sex Toys For Beginners,our best advice is to come in-store, we are friendly and we promise we won’t bite!

But if your still a little nervous after reading our About Page or if you live just a little too far away to make it in-store then here is a list of Beginner sex toys just for you. No matter what your sexual orientation or relationship status we have a best-first-time-sex-toys for all!


People don’t often believe us when we say Lubricant is the best sex toy, but it is! don’t just take our word for it though, we strongly believe that lubricant can improve any sexual encounter whether there is penetration or not.

and studies have shown that 70% of people that use lubricant for the first time say that they found the experience much more enjoyable and can climax easier with lubricant.

Even if your body provides enough natural lubrication, adding a little extra goes a long way!

Below is a list of our favourite lubricants and we strongly recommend when using any toy lubricant is the way to go! Want to find out more? Visit our blog on Lubricant here.

Sex Toys For Beginners

First Time Rabbit Vibrator (Internal AND External Stimulation)

The whole Happy Rabbit Range is incredible! But what makes this particular product great is its size, shape and flexibility. The Happy Rabbit Mini is made from silky smooth silicone, it’s flexible and soft, and has a fairly simple shape. Sporting 2 powerful motors (one in the shaft and one in the clitoral stimulator) it’s surprisingly compact!

Waterproof, USB Rechargeable and reasonably priced! This is the perfect first-time Rabbit Vibrator for people willing to spend a little extra for quality, and with a 12-month warranty and quality guarantee, it might just be the last vibrator you ever need!

The Velvetine range is another one of our personal faves,

It’s not very often you come across a good quality rechargeable and easy to use products for under $100 but Velvetine is the exception!Covered with a smooth and spongey silicone coating with a flexible rabbit stimulator, this petite and ridged design will give you the precision you need to find just the right spot and focus on what important!

The Velvetine range is packed full of power with a great playtime and are fully USB rechargeable and waterproof, easy three-button functions make it a breeze to use and as always with our rechargeable products 12 months warranty!

Sex Toys For Beginners

First Time G-spot Vibrators (Internal OR External Stimulation)

You might be wondering, what are the pros and cons of a rabbit vibe versus a straight vibrator? or what even is the difference? The difference often comes down to the type of stimulation you prefer. If you find your self getting to climax only with clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex then a rabbit vibe is for you!

If you’re the kind of person that needs internal stimulation and maybe you have an extra sensitive clitoris then a G-spot vibe (without a rabbit or clitoral stimulator) might be better. With a G-spot vibe like the ones below you can choose whether to stimulate externally or penetrate with the shaft, its all about options!

Most G-spot vibrators are quite rigid,

this is what sets the ROMP Hype G-spot vibrator apart from the rest! This rechargeable waterproof vibrator is super flexible and amazingly soft.

Starting off with a perfectly angled head for G-spot stimulation This G-spot vibrator is special: thanks to the ergonomic shape and the particularly soft tip, Hype ensures particularly intense orgasms.

Honestly, one of the funkiest and most modern vibrators with a pretty sweet price tag we have ever seen, the quality of the Hype vibrator is up there with the best but it comes with a price tag that makes it one of the best first-time sex toy products!

ROMP has a whole range of great first-time product worth checking out within a beginner price range and all have a great 12-month warranty!

Sex Toys For Beginners

Small Bullet Vibrators (External Stimulators)

The We-Vibe Touch x and Tango x are two of our best clitoral stimulators! They are both extremely strong with low-frequency rumbly vibrations and have a variety of settings. They are also USB Rechargeable and fully Waterproof. Generally,

We wouldn’t recommend something this expensive as a first-time sex toy but we can safely say they have amazing customer satisfaction and are most likely the first and last small vibrator you will ever need!

The Tango is coated in a hard ABS plastic making it perfect for light and tingly stimulation while the Touch in coated in a smooth medical-grade silicone make it soft and flexible. Both toys are perfect for external clitoral and erogenous stimulation and come with a 12-month warranty.

The Lady Bonnd Erryn is most likely our best selling small vibrator!

Not only is it super powerful with variable speeds that you can ease into, but its extremely good quality medical grade silicone coating and long-lasting rechargeable battery ticks all of our boxes!

So Erryn is not quite a bullet and not quite and full-sized vibe, its somewhere in the middle, making it great for clitoral stimulation, but also for shallow penetration. Easy to operate with one function button and an indicator light on the base.

We-Vibe Touch X

We-Vibe Touch X


With a reengineered body, and a three button interface with upgraded features, Touch X takes on from a much loved classic and brings on a...… read more


This is what we call a lay-on! It’s a leaf-shaped product designed for external stimulation. Some people find bullets a bit too targeted in design so we recommend Lay-ons to customers who prefer to spread their stimulation out.

A lay on will not targe one specific point, rather spreading deep penetrating vibrations out over a larger surface area!

This is great for people with really sensitive erogenous zones. for example, some Women prefer full labia stimulation rather than just clitoris, and some Men prefer to stimulate the prostate externally rather than penetrating the anus. Lay-ons are also fantastic for people going to gender reassignment because of their more ambiguous shape that tends to feel less awkward!

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