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How To Help Improve Your Sex Life After Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Post Surgery Sexual Recovery.

Now it goes with out saying that I am not a doctor, nor am I qualified to give any medical advice. So that’s pretty much going to be the theme of this article! One of the biggest issues around Prostate Cancer surgery recovery is that most penis owners don’t seek medical help after their surgery. So often we get penis owners coming into our store 3 – 4 weeks after surgery and they want a penis pump because they want to have sex like, right now! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your recovery might not be that easy and a pump might be doing more harm than good!

Lack of Quality Sexual Rehab 

You may or may not be shocked to find out that we (Sexual Health Store Sales Assistance) are usually the first to have a realistic and in-depth conversation with post-surgery patients about sexual recovery. Often, we hear that sexual recovery hasn’t been explained or discussed with the patient at all throughout their ordeal, from diagnosis to surgery. And unlike any other physical rehabilitation little to no support if offered to the person in recovery. Well, I am here to tell you, there is support out there, and its important that you seek it out because Sexual Recovery is important and unfortunately it’s often something that isn’t going to just get better on its own.

Here are our 5 steps to post prostate surgery sexual recovery!

Step 1 Talk to your GP!

Your GP might not have had a whole lot to do with your cancer treatment after the point of diagnosis, but they are here for your recovery now.

It’s important that when you talk to your GP about recovery you specifically mention sexual recovery! You want an erection; you want to pleasure your partner and you want to feel sexually confident!

Your GP will most likely tell you to have realistic goals and that this process may take a little longer then you were expecting, but don’t get discouraged recovery is possible and anything worth doing is worth waiting for!

Step 2 Find support!

There are heaps of ways that you can find support, online forums are a great place to start on average 1 in 9 people with a prostate will be diagnosed with prostate cancer so there are plenty of penis owners online ready to talk about their journey’s ups and downs and provide peer support for others going through what they have been through. This sense of connection and community can be so important to the recovery process. That being said maybe you are more of a face-to-face kind of person? In that case, there is most likely peer-driven support meet up in your area, these are common and honestly, the best way to find support is through the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, their website has a support group finder that is super helpful!

Step 3, Mental Therapy and sexology!

A huge part of recovery, no matter the illness injury is mental recovery. Not only have you experienced a physical trauma you are also experiencing mental trauma as well. So it’s vital to seek out therapy, specifically with a therapist or psychologist that specialises in sexology and sexual health topics. I assure you this is more common than you might think and in Australia we have a network of Sexologist waiting to hear from people just like you! It’s called,

The Society of Australian Sexologists. One such member that we have been working with for quite some time is Dr Marie Tudor and we 100% recommend if you live in South Australia to give them a call,

Marie is very personable and extremely good at what she does! This type of service can not only help you recover from surgery but if you are in a relationship it can provide much need relationship therapy and help your partner become a part of your recovery. Remember when you are going through something like this and you’re in a relationship your partner might have feelings and helplessness and might feel alienated as a result. Including them in your recovery to strengthen your relationship and help to spread the burden a little.

Step 4, follow the advice and expect hiccups!

Some of the advice you receive from either your GP or your Therapist might seem tedious, you might become frustrated with the lack of results and you may feel like giving up altogether. Trust in the process, anything worth doing is worth waiting for and sexual health is so important to every other aspect of our lives. This process might be one of the most important things you undertake post-surgery! Stay on the path and if you do find your self straying its ok to jump back on that horse and keep going!

Step 5, Listen to your body!

You know yourself better than anyone! It’s important that you listen to the signs your body is giving you. If your recovery is not quite going according to plan, slow down a little. Pain and comfortability issues are common but are also signs you might be pushing yourself too hard.

Reach out to your support network regularly, this includes your GP, Therapist and peer support programs. They are all here to help you get better and genuinely want to see you succeed!


This isn’t always the case but here in Adelaide you have one other option for support, and that’s your local sexual wellness store Adult Bliss (that’s us btw). We are more than happy to work with your GP or therapist to offer great advice and even support through your recovery.

There will come a time where you might need some aids such as a Pump or Cockring or in the early stages of recovery a hollow strap on to help with intimacy. That’s what we are here for and we will be more than happy to walk you through your options and even collaborate with your health professionals along the way. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email, Fb or simply just come on in and have a chat to myself (Simon) or any of our staff. We, like your other support networks, genuinely want to see you recover and are more than willing to provide that support!

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