Self Esteem During Sex

Self-Esteem During Sex;

The body positive movement has sparked change in how we see each other’s bodies, bring in the era of curves big and small, of loving those tiger stripes, a time where we’re all starting to understand that popularised porn isn’t always representative of our natural desires. In short, you don’t have to look like the Jenner sisters or Chris Hemsworth to be attractive. 

Everyone struggles with something about themselves, weight, body shape, libido, self-image, mental health or sexual history. Whether you’re having casual sex, having regular booty calls or are part of an ongoing relationship,

everyone can experience these struggles, they’re possibly most impactful when you are dealing with them in front of another person. These struggles are unique to each person, and some of the issues can feel like barriers to meaningful, pleasurable sex. Struggles are opportunities to explore and experiment, with yourself, your partner and the exciting array of products available to help turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Body Self Esteem During Sex


Above all else it’s important to talk to your partner, even Miranda Kerr asks her partners for a post coitus critique. Waiting until after sex to talk about your wants and needs could yield disappointing results. No one is a mind reader and noises can be misunderstood, discussing likes and dislikes helps, if words fail there is nothing clearer than showing your partner what you want and like. Sex is a mature and serious thing, but that doesn’t mean two consenting adults should take it too seriously.

Having a sense of humour is rated as one of the most attractive qualities in a person and that trait can be key to enjoying sex,

self-criticising humour not included. People fart, get leg or back cramps, sometimes humping gets too vigorous or more lube is needed, a smile and a laugh can keep the mood alive as you navigate your hurdles. Dialogue is about more than just consent, it’s about understanding each other’s wants and needs, it’s the best way to enjoy sex together and individually.


Whether you’re curvy, slender, tall or short, anywhere on the vast spectrum of bodies, everyone has physical limitations. Flexibility is an individual limitation, regardless of your size or weight, exercises like Yoga and Pilates can improve flexibility, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and support overall mental, physical and sexual health.

Common props from these activities, like bolster pillows and ankle straps, are excellent accessories to allow for different movements and positions.

Liberator have a great line of mounts, wedges and furniture to make every position more accessible and comfortable, such as the Liberator Wedge, and the Liberator Toy Mount, which has a handy slot for a dildo (there are mounts available for Fleshlights as well). Mobility issues can happen for a wide range of reasons, whether you’re managing a short-term recovery or a lifelong disorder, everyone should be able to access safe, comfortable, pleasurable sex, and sometimes extra support can help.


Being naked in front of another person can feel uncomfortable, yet there are many ways to explore being naked together that focus on intimacy and enjoyment, helping to ease anxieties. Swimming naked is a great place to start; or save some water and shower or bath together; try sensual massage as a surprise treat or planned date with each other.

Shared activities like baths and massage create an environment that removes the stress of standing face to face, naked, in front of another person, redirecting your attention to the pleasure of the company and activity.

Whether you’re odour conscious or are partial to good scents, the right products can enhance your experience, for the bath, there are bath bombs and oils; for a massage, there is a range of delightful product to stimulate your touch, some are even edible. If in doubt, Wildfire has a range of essential oil mood mists to help turn your love nest into an erogenous zone.

Body Self Esteem During Sex


Watching porn together can be an aphrodisiac,

exploring graphic or erotic content together can help open communication for new experiences and put your mind in the mood with very little effort.

Seeing porn actors with similar body types can relieve some of the anxieties people feel about porn,

that the slender, big (or small) breasted creatures on screen are more desirable than yourself. Erotic content isn’t limited to PornHub and RedTube’s selection of videos. Patreon and OnlyFans has given a platform to less mainstream interests like Cosplay, ASMR, and JOI videos. There’s a world of videos, photos, erotic stories and extra content for people to explore alone and together. Videos aren’t always cohesive to people’s libido, that’s where erotica comes in, erotica comes in a variety of forms, traditional books, audiobooks, independently published and the ever-popular fan fiction websites. Exploring erotic content together can help you feel more open to new conversations and help comfortably transition exchanges from the stories to your own desires.


Sexy, flimsy material, designed to hug curves, make you feel sexy and empowered, and to arouse the interest of your partner, lingerie is designed for all this and more, yet so many people are intimidated by it. Stomach coverage and bust supported are commonly cited concerns.

The classic baby doll is perfect for addressing this, whilst feeling comfortable and flirty, plus it can stay on during foreplay and sex, leaving your stomach covered,

and allowing easy access to the chest and groin areas. Body suits provide figure contouring and support, eliminating jiggles and highlighting natural assets, many bodysuits offer crotch-less options and snap closures, providing easy access without removing the bodysuit. These options, and most lingerie, is marketed towards women, however with a little confidence and imagination there is no limit to what you can wear for your partner to find you sexy, or how you wear it. Lingerie, sex, sexy toys, pornography, erotica and everything about intimacy should be about mutual enjoyment.


Sex can be bonding, fun, exciting, new, unexpected, but however your experience starts, communication of each other’s choice is the most important basis. There are endless products available to help each person feel more comfortable communicating their wants, access new experiences and to try new positions. Whether you feel mildly out of shape or overweight, how you feel can directly impact your libido, relationship and your sex life, but with just a little bit of effort you can change your mindset and your sex life.

By using open communication, mutual understanding and whatever toys you are both comfortable with, no negative feeling is too hard to overcome. It might help you to know that there is erotic fan-fiction of everyone from X Men to Harry Potter, so no matter how you think you look, someone thinks you’re damn fine.

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