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How to Wash my sex toy

How to Clean My Sex Toy

How To Clean My Sex Toy

This is a quick instructional for people looking to take good care of their sex toys, we will go through masturbators, vibrators and dongs, and rechargeable products. How To Clean My Sex Toy

So you have bought a sex toy, pleasure product or something a little kinky, if you purchased it from us we probably mentioned we have an instructional on our blog regarding care and cleaning routines, and here you are! Welcome and thank you for taking the time to have a quick read!

We won’t bore you with a bunch of unnecessary jargon and nonsense! You are here for a quick time not a long time and after all your new sex toy is probably sitting next to you right now charging away, waiting to blow your mind with some seriously great orgasms!

Ok well firstly we will touch on first-time use:

The first thing you should do with your sex toy when you get it home is charge it (if it’s rechargeable) for more info on rechargeable batteries please visit our post on Lithium-Ion batteries! 9 out of 10 products faults come from poor care of your battery and its honestly very common so it’s worth a quick read!

Next, clean your toy!

Think about it, it’s been carted across the world from manufacturing and testing to packaging and distribution and lastly to the store you purchased it from,

put simply its seem some stuff and many hands have probably touch it along that Journey! So, giving it a good clean when you are ready to use it for the first time is absolutely recommended!

How to Clean My Sex Toy

How to clean your new sex toys depends on what kind of product it is.

Non electric products:

For Dongs, Dildos, Butt Plugs and other non-vibrating products its best to give them a rinse under warm but not too hot water. Spray on the toy cleaner you, hopefully, have purchased and rub that in with your hands, then rinse off thoroughly after about 30 seconds. (never use soap or detergent)

Medical Silicone, Stainless Steel, Glass (non-electric)

Some products you can even go a step further with. If you have a product with no electronic parts, is waterproof and is made from either glass, 100% stainless steel, or Medical Grade Silicone, you can actually boil it in water! This is also a good idea if you are sharing your toy as well, But we will get to that later… Remember with Glass product its important to make sure that you don’t place it directly into rapidly boiling water, place the product into temperate water and slowly bring to the boil, once you have reach simmering leave it for 1 minute and you’re done!

Vibrating or Electric Products

If your product is vibrating and or has electronic components it’s most likely at least splash-proof, it’s always a good idea to check the packaging to make sure. If this is the case you can rinse under warm, but not too hot, water, spray on the toy cleaner and rub it in with your hands, then rinse off thoroughly after about 30 seconds. But make sure the product is dry before use. And never submerge wall plug-in products like your Doxy or Body Wand, these are best to be cleaned with toy cleaner and a damp paper towel


Speaking of drying we always always always recommend air drying your toys, don’t use towels paper or cloth, this can return bacteria to your toy or just particles of paper and cloth which you probably don’t want in or on your sexy parts!

Strokers, Pocket Pussies and Fleshlights; 

These are the hardest toys to clean due to their, crevassed nature. The inside of a masturbator is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and you might think “Well it’s not like it’s going inside me, why should I care…” you should care! Very much, just google “infected penis” and see what kind of horrible implications can be caused by a simple bacterial infection!

We recommend cleaning with a gentle cleaner,

something skin safe like the JO Foaming Toy Cleaner. Remove the sleeve from the hard case (if necessary) and cover with warm water. Give it a squeeze and open up the openings to get the water inside the crevasse you can use running water as well to flush the toy out!

Then apply your toy cleaner (do not use soap or detergent we will get to why later)

and give it a good rub inside and out with your clean hands. Then dunk back into the warm water and to finish rinse with running warm water. This process will need to be repeated before and after use to be on the safe side. Make sure to air dry before storing. Remember, its never a good idea to turn your sleeve inside out, this is a great way to rip the material and completely ruin your new toy!

Some materials like Cyberskin and PVC can also benefit by being dusted with toy powder, or even talcum powder after completely dry, this can create a protective barrier and stop any nasties from sticking to the surface while being stored. If you are unsure of what your product is made out of check out our blog here on toy materials or get in touch via email and we should be able to help you out!

What Not To Do!

  • Please don’t use household soap and detergent to clean your sex toys! The main reason for this is products like this are designed to leave pleasant scents and antibacterial residues that can be harmful to the ecology of your vagina and anal canal, and in some cases can leave soap scum on or in your toy. Think about your shower screen! We don’t want that in or on our sex toys!
  • Never towel dry your sex toy! Not with a cloth or even paper towel, it’s not necessary and can cause cross-contamination of bacteria. Air dry only.
  • Never assume your toy is waterproof, instead read the packaging and just be careful when cleaning.
  • Lastly, unless otherwise stated never use water that is too hot! Especially on vibrating products or products made with Cyberskin or other real feel materials!

Quick breakdown:

So as a general rule its best to do the following:

  • Rinse under warm water
  • Use toy cleaner (not soap or detergent)
  • Rinse the toy cleaner off thoroughly
  • Let air dry
  • If necessary powder the product
  • And store for your next sexy times’ session

In some cases, you can even clean before use as well! This is recommended if you have just purchased the toy or if it has been a while since your last sexy times’ session. And is necessary if you have been sharing your toy with others and the toy is compatible with boiling!

It’s not all that difficult and it might save you a lot of embarrassment and discomfort down the track. Honestly, our genitals are very sensitive and infection and irritation are caused easily! The best practice is to clean your sex toy as often as you use it! Any questions at all you can reach us on our contact page and we will get back to you asap!

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