Using A Penis Pump

A Complete And Easy Guide To Using A Penis Pump

A Complete Guide to Using Penis Pumps

A Complete Guide to Using Penis Pumps

Penis pumps (or vacuum constriction devices) can be found in just about every adult store across the country. But what do these contraptions even do? You might be surprised to learn their uses extend beyond more than simple penile enlargement, and despite their intimidating appearance are quite safe to use; once you know what you’re doing of course.

The penis is like any other muscle in the body, and just like your other muscles if you work it you’ll make it larger and, in most cases, stronger. Pumps are very commonly purchased for enlargement, using one regularly can increase girth and length, but you might not know that they can have other benefits like helping to combat ED (erectile dysfunction) by promoting blood flow to the penis.

Using A Penis Pump

There are many different types of pumps,

some have manual triggers or hand pumps, some have pressure gauges to indicate the pressure you are applying and some are even motorized. However, we’d say the biggest difference to consider is between an air pump and a water pump. An air pump like the MANUAL PUMP WITH GAUGE (WITH TRIGGER) is great for use in bed or on the couch while watching TV, it has an easy to read pressure gauge and a triggered hand pump for precision, but you do have to remember to make time to use them. Water pumps like the BATHMATE HYDROMAX X30 PUMP can be used in the shower morning or night taking up no extra time out of your day, and fitting in with your routine (if you have one, no judgement). The use of the handy shoulder strap means you can use the HydroMax handsfree while you stand there contemplating life’s great mysteries under the running water.. we mean, while you bathe, while you bathe efficiently wasting as little water as possible.

All good Pumps worth using should have 1 thing in common, a quick-release valve, if your pump doesn’t have one of these then we recommend you stop using it right away and invest in a product that does!

How To Use A Penis Pump

Start by placing the pump over your penis and push it against your pelvis at the base, you want a nice firm seal.

Allow yourself 30 seconds to pretend you have a robo-penis while you get comfortable, this step isn’t mandatory but comes highly recommended. Machine gun penis is also fine.
Apply pressure using the trigger or hand pump that is supplied with the device. The pressure is created as air is pumped out of the chamber.

There are two proven methods for using a penis pump,

remember the first benefit of using a pump is for the treatment of ED and to help gain better control over your erection and climax, enlargement is a side effect at best but will occur with regular use, it’s best to have realistic expectations when it comes to enlarging, the science isn’t 100% prooven!

Method 1: Hold the pressure right at the edge of discomfort for the full pumping duration, adding just a little bit of pressure every so often throughout.

Method 2: Bring the pressure again right to the edge of discomfort, hold for 30 seconds to a minute and then release. Repeat for 10 – 20 mins.

Both methods are effective, but you may find results differ, it’s important to go with what feels right for you. This is the one time that we’re going to tell you to listen to your penis, it will tell you if you’re overdoing it.

To help with maintaining an erection

you can also try putting on a cock ring, some devices even come with their own bands. You’ll want one that is a little loose. We recommend putting one on before pumping, however, it is possible to put one on after, but maybe use some lube to aid the process. Loosely place a rubber C-ring around the base of your penis shaft before inserting your penis into the pump. Then slowly increase the pressure using the trigger or hand pump. Once your penis is erect remove the pump. The ring should tighten around the base of your penis while you pump and help you hold the erection during intercourse or masturbation.

A word of caution for first-timers..

never apply so much pressure that you feel discomfort or pain and try not to overuse your pump, just like working out at the gym if you go too hard too quickly you risk bruising, swelling and damage to your blood vessels… Google it at your own risk.

Results take time and dedication, you will see better longer lasting results if you develop a routine of short sessions,

10 – 20 mins a day 5 – 7 times a week would be a good average.

Benefits Of Pumping

If you’re using a pump prior to foreplay or intercourse, keep in mind that it may remove some of the spontaneity that usually comes with frisky encounters. While it may seem awkward at first, it’s worth talking to your partner about using a penis pump, especially if it’s for medical benefit.

While we’re thinking medically, pumps are quite often recommended by doctors for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), after Prostate surgery or for Sexual Anxiety. Sometimes getting an erection is the easy part, but for men with ED or anxiety, it can be difficult maintaining that erection. In this case, using a pump is a great long term treatment option and it’s considerably cheaper than most medications and implant surgeries.

Long term use will promote healthy blood flow, a bit of extra confidence and in most cases stronger and more naturally occurring erections.

The synchronous use of a cock ring is also strongly recommended as a medical aid to help the penis stay firm and upright.

If you develop a healthy routine your body and your penis will “learn” how to get and maintain an erection, and over time results will last longer. Results may vary depending on the person so try to keep a record and consult with your GP on your progress.

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