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Vibrating Eggs and Kegel / Pelvic Floor Products
Vibrating eggs are great for public play, usually paired with a remote or Bluetooth compatible, vibrating eggs let you pass the control over to a partner building up anticipation during a fun dinner date or a trip to the cinema. These products can sometimes be used for pelvic floor strengthen and exercises.
Kegel balls otherwise know as Ben Wa Balls are specifically designed for pelvic floor training and can come in all shapes and sizes! Usually, Kegel balls have a weighted ball that rattles around inside the product forcing you to focus your pelvic floor.
Contrary to popular belief these products aren’t designed to “tighten” your vagina, in fact, they are more often used for post-natal recovery and as a treatment or prevention method against incontinence. Using Kegel balls regularly can increase sexual sensitivity and give you more control over climax!

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