LELO Sex Toys Adelaide

Adelaide Adult Bliss is your everything LELO sex toys.

Adult Bliss is dedicated to selling quality products at reasonable prices and is happy to announce that LELO’s core range is now in stock in store!! LELO is a range of vibrators, anal plugs and masturbators of the highest quality! LELO core features across all their sex toys and pleasure products are, Powerful vibrations, Long battery cycles, Premium, silky smooth silicone, elegance and style!

There is no other product range that is more user-focused, beautifully designed, and well made! LELO is the standard all other brands aspire to! Which is why it makes sense that LELO makes its home in Adelaide here at Adult Bliss!

Want to know more? Here is a little excerpt from LELO’s About us page:

“We all have a secret we want to share. That’s LELO. LELO is the world’s best-kept secret, an oasis of colourful pleasure in a landscape of the ordinary. Since 2003, we’ve been bridling against convention and taboo, and as a result, we’ve launched dozens of perception-shattering designs that continue to shape the way the world views its personal pleasure.

We’re a brand unlike any other: our designs have been given some of the biggest mainstream awards in the world, and we are the go-to marque for the press when it comes to questions of sex and sensuality.

So then, welcome to LELO. We’ve been expecting you.

LELO started with one massager, the original LILY. Designed in 2003 in LELO’s spiritual home of Stockholm, Sweden, word-of-mouth quickly took the original designers, the original product, and the

brand around the world. The demand for the elegant and efficient concepts revolutionized the way sex toy design is approached, proving that there was a collective desire for more beautiful intimate objects.

That desire has not changed, but the LELO’s reach has. Now with offices from Shanghai to San Jose, and most cities in between, LELO’s story is inseparably entwined with the changing sexual landscape. “

If your still not convinced, Come in store and have a look! Adult Bliss is located in Glen Osmond just outside of Adelaide, we have plenty of parking in a discreet location and inside our store, we have display models of all our LELO products so you can feel the mind-blowing quality for yourself!


Enjoy an Easier Way to Use Afterpay for Sex Toys

Did you know it’s possible to use Afterpay for sex toys? It’s not just an option for purchasing goods for your home or making certain professional services more affordable. You can use it as a stepping stone towards personal and shared pleasure, too. With Adult Bliss Erotica, you’ll find that making it easier to shop for traditionally “adult” items is just the tip of the iceberg of what we do. Your destination for helpful information on sexual wellness and the safe, consensual exploration of your body, we welcome everyone into our store. Regardless of your gender identity or sexual expression, there’s something for you here.

What Sets Adult Bliss Erotica Apart as an Adult Store with Afterpay?

Why make Adult Bliss your preferred place to shop for adult toys and related items? When you consider what sets us apart, it’s an easy choice. Alongside our Afterpay options, here’s what else to know about us:

  • We are a contemporary adult store with modern sensibilities and a strong desire to stand out as a destination for the healthy enjoyment of the full spectrum of sexuality.
  • We stock a huge range of toys suitable for everyone, and we are a trusted resource for the local BDSM community.
    We don’t shy away from conversations with our customers. In fact, we welcome your questions and curiosities. When it comes to products that you’ll use with your body, it’s never a bad thing to get more
  • information — and to know that you can reach out for shame-free help if you run into any issues with your purchase.

The Benefits of Sex Toys on Afterpay from Adult Bliss Erotica

Why use Afterpay to purchase adult toys in the first place? This flexible “pay over time” solution could be the ideal resource for several occasions.

Find that perfect gift and enjoy more time to pay without delaying your satisfaction — unless you’re into that, of course!
Using Afterpay at the adult shop makes it more affordable to purchase that upgraded toy you’ve had your eye on for a while. When the price tag has kept you from committing, Afterpay makes it an easier decision.
You could start your very first explorations into the world of toys without having to worry about a cost barrier. Don’t sacrifice quality and body-safe materials in exchange for the price when you could enjoy this option instead.

Why Adult Bliss Erotica is a Cost-Effective Option for Everyone

Few experiences are as frustrating as purchasing a new adult toy to realise that it is not what you wanted or that you didn’t have all the facts before buying. At Adult Bliss, we not only provide as much info about our products as possible, but we also make ourselves available seven days a week for your questions and concerns. With our help, “doing your homework” on sex toy purchases is part of the fun — and you can trust you’re buying the right products for you. Contact us if you need help.

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