About Us


In our minds, personal health is our first consideration when providing our customers with advice and before selling any product. Whatever you're into it's important to make sure you're doing it safely and correctly to ensure the best possible experience. The Adult Bliss shop is located in Adelaide and open 13 hours a day so you can find time to come in and buy the right lubes, cleaners and products for you, and to give you the advice you need to "get there" healthily and safely.

Our Mission

Adult Bliss Erotica is not just a Sex Shop, yes we sell sex toys, but it's more than that: We are a sexual health and wellness store! and to that end, we plan to do away with the sexual awkwardness you get at other Adult Stores.

Here at Adult Bliss, we endeavor to provide the tools and knowledge to help bring you and your partner to absolute ecstasy because we believe you deserve it, that doesn't sound like a typical Adult Shop Dose it?

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Our Story

Adult Bliss is a second generation family-owned business. Partners Simon and Monique have been running the store since early 2018 after Simon's parents had the business for almost 10 years. After being in the industry for almost a decade Simon's parents decided to retire and pass on the store to him and Monique. We have always put our community first and nothing has changed, we are always available for feedback and requests and often will go out of our way to source hard to find products and support local artisans and businesses. We pride our selves on being inclusive and non-judgmental and will do what it takes to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied.


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