womanizer vs. satisfyer which is better

Which is the better clitoral stimulator?

The world of sex toys has become a vibrant and competitive playground in the last few years and this can be best shown by the competition between Satisfyer Pro (SFP) and the Womanizer Premium 2 (WP) air pulse technology. These two clitoral suction wonders have been all over social media and had many people asking, what is the big difference between the two, other than Womanizer’s much larger price tag. After spending months of quality time with both toys, and some girly evenings questioning friends I believe I have something that resembles an answer.

Let’s start with what is similar about them…

Which honestly is a lot since they are both high powered clitoral suckers. In terms of intensity and suction style, there is little to no difference that I am able to report. Since they both function so similarly the pleasure experienced and the intensity of the orgasms is comparable. Both having large handles and interchangeable heads that are accessible for a wide range of physical abilities and vulva shapes makes them functionally very similar, and yet they are two very different toys.

Where they differ is significant starting with how the Satisfyer Pro 2 has vibration as well as air pulse technology, so on that merit alone the SFP has more to offer. However this is dependent on whether you enjoy both the air pulse and the vibration simultaneously – I do not. Personally it overwhelms the sucking sensation and renders it “useless” for me. Using the vibration settings alone to achieve orgasm is entirely possible and may be perfect for some users, again this is not my preferred method of use. Using the Satisfyer’s vibrating setting does make the toy operate more loudly. Aesthetically they differ quite a lot with the Womanizer looking a lot more streamlined and elegant, it looks like a more “boujee” product.

Both toys are very quiet, normally the Satisfyer runs more quietly however the Womanizer’s ‘Smart Silence” can be incredibly stealthy, though turning this function on does occasionally require “calibrating” the toy. Really this comparison is for a select group of users, unless you’re in an awkward house sharing situation or have toys that sounds like jackhammers the issue of toy sounds are usually negligible. Really the noise complaints are clever marketing ploys, playing off age old insecurities about sexuality “being dirty” and “masturbation should be secret”. We all get off and the number of memes online about everyone enjoying a good self-love session indicates that much of the online world seems to agree.

Where is the biggest difference in these two luxury sex toys? 

Without a doubt the price, in Australia Satisfyer Pro 2 is significantly cheaper at around 1/3 the cost of the Womanizer. Having different shaped heads with interchangeable sizes means that functionally they are incredibly similar yet the SFP feels chunkier around the clitoris and vulva. All vulvas and clitoris come in different sizes, shapes and sensitivities, as a chubbier woman with a slightly chubbier vulva I prefer the gentler, more streamlined shape of the Womanizer for my own comfort. Compared to the chunkier head of the Satisfyer which I can feel much more evidently whilst I am masturbating. In short, I prefer how the Womanizer feels nestled amongst my lady folds, though the SFP does feel comfortable, its presence is more evident to me.

If I were to decide between the two sex toys I would pick the Womanizer, though not because it is a definitively better product. Having spent months thoroughly testing both options in the comfort of my bed, bath, couch and various hotel rooms I have had plenty of opportunities to work out which of the two suits my body better. Having chatted with girlfriends who have the Satisfyer Pro 2, some having owned theirs long enough to be considering replacements, I’ve had an excellent opportunity to hear different perspectives about the Satisfyer. Most are convinced that the SFP is the right choice for them, often because they don’t see the need to pay extra for a similar product. Sex toy choices are personal and the factors considered are different for everybody.

If you like the sound of the more boujee product and you want to spend big on the Womanizer, more power to you. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a little more bang for their buck then the Satisfyer could be the right fit for you. That is one of the best things about sex toys is that no one gets to tell you what suits you, everything is and always should be your choice.  The best advice I came away from these toys with? 

Get to know your clitoris and vulva, understand what suits your personal needs and every sex toy choice after that should be a winner.

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