Online Sex Work The OnlyFans Easy Money Myth

I sit in my content studio, casually scrolling my socials, I chuckle as I see a familiar post ‘low on cash time to start an onlyfans!’.
Ah yes, I think to myself that’s a great idea, turning towards the thousands in costumes, accessories, and sex toys I’ve bought to create my online sexual content. That good old easy money for getting your kit off… isn’t as easy as it appears. I’ve been working online for a little over a year and it’s not for everyone, let me tell you about the pitfalls of believing in the easy money myth.

Now straight off the bat

One thing you need to ask yourself before attempting this kind of work is ‘who am I online?’ a strange question but a very necessary one.

People tend to think that the consumers will be there simply because it’s sexual content, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, if you don’t have an online presence people don’t know who you are.

Everyone has Facebook and friends there but a lot of those people aren’t going to be your consumer base (family, people of different sexual orientation), if you have a wider online reach in followers you’re going to be more successful than those without. Tiktok, instagram, Twitter, Reddit these are all platforms that should be considered when trying to build your online fanbase a follower is more likely to peruse your sexual content than a friend.

And once you’ve started making content

for places like onlyfans or fansly you’re going to want to spend a lot of time on these other platforms promoting yourself, which is a little bit hard to get used to because the product you’re promoting is you.

This is the point where you’re trying to convince people you’ve got what they want, finding a niche for yourself is the best way to reach an audience.

Are you a fetish model? Do you cosplay? Is there a skill you possess that you can incorporate nudity into?
One of the most successful accounts I know of found their niche incorporating their kitchen antics into their sexual ones, they’ve built a business around that niche then expanded outwards from there.

So now you’ve started to find your market,

you’re gaining a following in places you may have even found your niche and you’ve started your account….

Now is the time to start thinking about tools of the trade,

I’m sure we all have some toys and maybe an outfit or two maybe tucked away but you would be surprised how quickly you can use those things in a couple photo sets or videos leaving your consumers looking for some variety.
Its here you may find you’re putting some of your own money in to build up your business, I personally have bought several new outfits to play with in my content creation. Luckily I had a few outfits from my cosplaying days to mess around with, and I’ll admit if you’re a cosplayer you’ve got a foot in with outfits (and certain fandoms, never underestimate the power of seeing a favourite character in sexual situations).

By now the picture of easy money should be crumbling away and the realisation that even online sex work is real (and often hard) work.

Personally, I find the dressing up and putting on a persona a nice escape from the other side of things,

taking photos is a great way to boost esteem especially if you’re having a slow time building a fanbase. Always keep creating content because when things pick up you need that content available or you’ll be playing catch up to your subscribers and this can make you burn out very quickly.

Now we’ve talked outfits and how they can be helpful but costly let’s talk Sex toys. And custom content. As I said before I’m sure we all have a couple floating around and they should definitely find their way into your content, but those toys you chose for you and your pleasure… as you should ofcourse, but are those experiences what the people want to see?
I may have spent a few hundred on new toys after suggestions or request’s from people, I am in a unique position being a transwoman I’ve had to do a lot of research into toys that suit my ‘equipment’ while providing the experience people are looking for.

A particular favourite of subscribers on these platforms is remote access toys, being able to control your pleasure is usually a huge thrill

(quite the money turner if utilised correctly) and can be exciting on your side too depending on your proclivities.

Setting yourself up

to provide different experiences can be very costly especially if you find yourself with a loyal customer who asks for custom content that requires something you don’t have, this can translate to many different things you may need to look into. If you’ve never been into fetish/kink play in your life but you’re asked to act like a mistress/master in a video you may need some pvc/leather wear or bondage equipment (ropes, handcuffs etc). If someone wants to be your daddy/mommy in an experience you might want to look into something like a onesie.

There are millions of different ways people express their sexuality and they want you to be a part of it,

in saying this it is also healthy and recommended that you know your own hard limits. If you’re uncomfortable with a request don’t be afraid to assert yourself most people will respect that.
I could elaborate on setting yourself up for hard fetishes and the dangers in setting up but that deviates from the main message here, which is…

Online sex work can be a lucrative business,

and very fulfilling but it is indeed lots of work! You shouldn’t enter the field expecting to pop a nipple and suddenly be rich. There’s always going to be someone doing better than you for the exact same content but its not a reason to give up, be yourself or whoever you want to show the public and keep building.
Next time you see that good old joke on Facebook ‘time to start an onlyfans’ remember to have a chuckle for me

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