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The Best Sex Toys For Couples

Looking for Sex Toys for couples is nowhere near as hard as it was 10 years ago! These days most toy ranges have at least 2 or three toys specifically designed for couples, and a lot of the time couples toys don't necessarily mean binary hetero couples either! It's our mission here at Adult Bliss to bring people together and bring mutual pleasure to the bedroom and for some, that bedroom is shared with one or more other people so we decided to make finding great sex toys for couples easy as pie, Warm apple pie, you know the type we have all seen that movie... Well we digress check out the list of sex toys for couples below:

The first thing people tend to look for is toys with a remote, we usually recommend App Compatible toys Like the We-Vibe range. The reason for this is because they have been designed specifically for connectivity and couples, with that said We-vibe will make a few appearances on this page but there are plenty of other products in all kinds of price ranges that might tick your box! just keep in mind most of the time you get what you pay for.


So the first style of sex toys for couples are Eggs!

Eggs are more often than not remote-controlled egg-shaped vibrators designed for internal stimulation and it is recommended to never use these anally (don't worry we will get to that later). all of the products below are remotely controlled in some way and all but the Pretty Love ARVIN are rechargeable. In case you are wondering they won't "get lost up there" and yes they are all waterproof.

Giving you partner a remote to your pleasure is something that appeals to a lot of people and depending on whether or not you like internal or external stimulation then Eggs might be the best way to explore that. whether you hand them the remote as you step out of the Uber to your favourite restaurant or have a little fun around the house. this is a great way to spice things up!

If its more external stimulation you are after then the following products are right for you!

Again, that are all remote controlled in some way, the Lock N Play Panty Teaser and the We-Vibe Moxi both have the neat little feature of having magnet clips on them to make it easier to attach them to your underwear, the Happy Rabbit kicker vibe actually comes with undies and can be purchased with OS undies or QS undies. Lastly, the Svakom Winni is a little multifunctional, not only is it a pantie teaser with a remote but you can also use it as a cock ring for later in the night, or maybe you'd like to take turns wearing it in public.

Wearables are great for intercourse! They add a little bit of buzz to your normal routine, which sometimes is all that you need! These are the classic go-to sex toys for couples.

The We-vibe Sync is the first-ever couples' toys designed specifically for women! Designed to carefully sit on top of the clitoris while resting just inside the vaginal opening, this dual-motor vibrator can be used as a public play device, during sex and even during penetrative intercourse. the app lets you design your own vibration patterns and even makes this toy sound sensitive so you can vibe along with your favorite song.

the Satisfyer Partner can be worn or used in so many ways it's almost impossible to list them all but is worth saying that we call this an erogenous zone stimulator, rather than a c-ring, or a clitoral stimulator.

The Maia Jagger is a great c-ring with a scrotum strap not only helping in stay in place but providing stimulation the perineum whiles stimulating the clitoris with the remote bullet, this is another great double up product due to the fact that the bullet can be removed from the ring and used separately.

Sex toys for couples come in all shapes and sizes and some times they might not be what you were expecting or even ever thought existed! A great example of that is the following three products:

Firstly the Quick Shot by Fleshlight is a small open-ended penis stroker this product can be used for masturbation but its also great for adding a bit of texture to an already amazing head or handjob. as the penis goes through the sleeves it pops out the other end so you can... well we will leave the rest up to your imagination.

The Manta by Fun Factory is a fascinating device originally designed for masturbating a penis, it doubles up as an erogenous zone vibrator. By placing your most sensitive areas between the tips you can deliver strong stimulation to anywhere on your body! Also a great aid for head and handjobs!

Lastly, the Pulse Duo III by Hot Octopuss is a fascinating product designed to help paraplegics or people with erectile dysfunction remain intimate with their partners! By placing a placid penis inside the device and turning it on your partner can straddle the outer edge and receive strong and powerful vibrations. this is also a great product for people who don't feel comfortable with penetrative sex!

Potions and Lotions, Clitoral Stimulators, Couples Arousal Lubricants, Flavored Lubes and Prolonging Desensitizing Gels. there are so many different products out there on the market that are safe to use and fun the play with. Visit our Essentials tab and check out the Lubricants or Stimulants sub-tabs for a whole list of amazing products that can add a little fire to the bedroom!

the following products are our best selling products in the range and each of them are worth checking out and experimenting with. Quite often a couple's first sex toy is lubricant followed closely by arousal gels and prolongers! Honestly, it's a great place to start and might be just what the doctor ordered!

We hope that was informative! As always our best advice is to be open and honest with each other have a conversation about things you would like to try, and better yet get your selves into an Adult Shop and ask as many questions as possible. not all Shops are as friendly or informative as others but keep trying, you'll find the right one eventually!

If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly on our contact page here!

Thanks for reading!

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