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How To Drastically Improve Sexual Libido

How To Drastically Improve Sexual Libido

For a lot of men, maintaining an erection or putting off climax isn’t as easy as it should be. A lot of studies have focused on anxiety being a major factor in a lack of sexual stamina, we will get to that in a bit. For now, we are going to delve into a few things that we can do as men to increase our sexual stamina. How To Drastically Improve Sexual Libido

A lack of sexual stamina is a problem that plagues a lot of men, and most guys might even think that it doesn’t matter all that much.

Well it doesn’t matter if you and your partner are satisfied with your sex lives if that’s not the case however longer-lasting sex might help reinvigorate the relationship! Now we aren’t talking about night long sack sessions that go on for hours and hours, we are talking about maintaining and controlling our erection and climax! Remember most women don’t need a penis or penetration to achieve climax, so it’s a good idea to find other things you can do to make the experience more rewarding for both of you.

Oral sex and foreplay:

Foreplay, for some women, is essential to sexual satisfaction, this can come in the form of a massage, a passionate make-out session, a nice bath, or even just lighting some candles and burning some oils “ I strongly suggest the Donna range by Jo or wildfire”. Set the mood for her, make her feel comfortable and loved and she will open up to you on another level. This will not only increase her level of sexual satisfaction but will also increase yours!

Another great way to do this is with your tongue, going down on your partner can bring them to climax before you even start having penetrative sex.

This can help remove some of your anxieties about the length of time you can last while giving your partner the attention they deserve. If you or your partner aren’t interested in oral sometimes toys are the next best thing. There are a number of bullets and small vibrators on the market, and there are also some awesome couples’ toys specifically designed for foreplay and that can be worn or used during sex!

Overall Fitness:

Just like any form of stamina, Sexual stamina is strongly affected by your overall fitness. You will find that even if you’re just using your hands and or if you’re in a different position you might get tired. Core strength is a good thing to work on, the longer you can use your core muscles before they get tired the longer you will stay in tune with your partner. If you find your arms get tired when you’re propping yourself up or just giving your partner and massage, then maybe you need to increase your dexterity. Using a stress ball or even some light dumbbell work can improve this incredibly.

Short from that, it is important to make sure you are well-rested, testosterone is mostly produced during sleep so a night of good night sleep is key to a higher sex drive, avoiding large amounts of unnatural light and over-stimulation like video games or T.V before bed is a good start. Also, cut out coffee and nicotine in the evenings. This will help increase your overall health as well as your sexual performance.

Male sexual health aids:

In a previous post, we talked about
the benefits of Penis Pumps, I won’t go into it much here but I strongly suggest checking it out as it is a really good read and very related to this topic. They can have a massive effect on sexual performance. I would like to stress that they aren’t just for increasing size but much much more!

Short from that, Stamina Trainers “or Male Masturbators” are a fantastic way to increase your staying power. Male toys like the Pornstar Signature Series, and the Satisfyer Mens Vibration are designed to overstimulate the sensitive parts of your Johnston.

It is important to have a certain level of self-discipline when using these products, the idea is to train yourself not to cum quickly. With a little lube use these products as directed, and when you feel like you’re about to hit climax, stop!! This is called edging, eventually, you will learn how to do this during sex and it will increase the time it takes for you to reach climax, the closer you can get before you stop the better. This is a more “long term” treatment and can have a lasting effect on your sex life if done properly! Whoever said masturbation was a bad thing right? You can also include your partner in this activity, it will bring you closer together and can also act as foreplay as well!

Prolong creams and sprays:

As a final resort, there are a bunch of different products on the market that will promise you longer and larger erections, now I’m not saying they don’t work but this is a short term solution to a larger problem. I would suggest using them as a part of the previously mentioned stamina training routine. Products like ON Bold Delay for him, JO PROlonger for men, seems to be favorited among our customers and have great
reviews online. I have used some of these products and I can say they work for the most part!

There are also herbal supplements that are perfectly safe and legal in most places, Just keep in mind that not all adult stores are on the up and up and its work looking at the TGA or FDA websites to make sure these products aren’t being controlled if they are there is a reason for that so stay away!! We need to be careful promoting brands, so what I will say is there is an ingredient list you should look out for that will definitely help:

·Epimedium Sagittatum

· Rhemania

· Cnidium Monnier

· Chinese Ginseng

· Tribulus Terrestris

· Maca

Also, anything with Lyco-pene, Damiana Leaf, ginger, and any vitamins B12, C, D3 can only help so go for it! Overall though I’d say keep up a good cardio routine, improve your diet and stay fit are all great ways to improve your sex life and can also become a healthy activity for you and your partner. Don’t forget to check out our post on Penis Pumps as you might find some really useful stuff in there as well.

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