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Cock Rings; The Guide You’ve Been Looking For

Cock Rings: If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it. Wait, a what on the where now? Don’t freak out. A Cock Ring, or C-Ring, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, it’s a small, often silicone ring that you place around the base of the shaft of the penis. To what end you ask? No not the end, the base! Primarily a cock ring is restricting blood flow to the erectile tissues, blood goes into the penis but it has a hard time getting back out, this assists with increased girth, decreases sensitivity and thereby delaying orgasm, often leading to longer lasting erections.
Due to the way cock rings work, they’re also great at staving off premature ejaculation (PE), which is known to affect at least 25% of men and is defined as the inability to “last” longer than 2 minutes. PE can affect a man for short periods or sometimes for life, in either case using a cock ring is an effective method of improving the length and strength of an erection. (There are other great treatments for PE Like pumping which you can find info on HERE).

Rings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the smaller rings can generally be assumed for use purely around the shaft of the penis, but what about the larger ones? We often see people looking rather shocked at the sight of rings that could fit around their wrist, these larger rings are designed to go around the scrotum (testicles) as well as the shaft. The idea here is to increase the intensity of the male orgasm. When a man ejaculates his testicles pull up closer to the body, by stopping them from doing this you can slightly increase the length of the orgasm while also increasing its intensity. Ball stretchers are also a great option for this as well.

You might see rings that have two rings attached by a small spine, these also work as a ball stretcher and are kind of a two in one deal, you place the larger outer ring around the balls and the other inner ring around the shaft. A small spine connects the two rings, this should sit in between your balls and your shaft ensuring it stays in the right spot and conveniently adding a little pressure to another sensitive area.
If you’re looking to ramp it up a notch, some styles have texturing for an even greater sensory experience for your partner, while others might also include vibrating bullets which will help both sexual partners come to climax quicker. Other vibrating cock rings are designed specifically to stimulate the perineum, in case you don’t know that’s the spot between a males anus and perineum, often called the P-spot, and it’s very sensitive to touch. . The We-vibe Verge is a great example of this but there are other products out there, often referred to as taint teasers.
Like most sexual stimulation products, cock rings are available as disposable single or limited use rings, or you can purchase more sustainable products made from stronger materials, have replaceable batteries or are even rechargeable. The We-Vibe Pivot being a great example of a rechargeable C-ring that is also app compatible!! What will they think of next?

So what about materials? There’s a lot of different types on the market, and what you choose will likely depend on your desired outcome. Typically, Silicone or Rubber is the most common materials used, these stretchy little guys are great for first timers and guy who are unsure of the girth needed. Even though they’re stretchy, if it’s your first time using a cock ring it’s important to be aware that you don’t want something too tight which is why we recommend a set of rings like the Optimale silicone 3 ring set so you can try a few sizes and decide what works for you. Nitrile is another common material, Nitrile is comfortable, can be quite thin and very strong but isn’t stretchy at all, so we don’t recommend this for first timers. If you (or your partner) are looking for something that “won’t get in the way” and you have a preferred diameter you like then Nitrile might be a good option.
Then there are Leather rings, these are great for a bunch of reasons. They are usually adjustable, often with Velcro or snap fastenings to hold them in place, they’re very strong, and they’re easy to take off and put on, no delicate removal procedures! Not to mention they look pretty hardcore and these days if you want the look but are adverse to leather there are eco-leathers and synthetics available too.
And there’s metal, plastic, and glass. While these rings are certainly still used for sexual pleasure due to their strong rigid structure, many people also buy these rings as sexual or genital jewelry. Not only do some of these products look stunning, like the Rosebud collection, but they also provide a weight that can be quite pleasurable and even comforting. If metal sounds like your thing make sure you are buying quality surgical stainless steel, the last thing you want is a rash from cheaply coated metals or a rusty ring, likewise with plastic and glass ensure your ring is free from chips or cracks, trust us.

So how do I put it on and remove it safely? For a start, DON’T ROLL IT! The last thing you want is a friction burn or worse for the loose skin on the penis to get caught and tear. Ideally, to put on and remove a cock ring you should carefully hook your little fingers inside the ring and stretch it out, and slide it directly over and down the penis, this method will only work with stretchier materials, for rigid materials like metal and glass the ring should be placed on a flaccid penis. A little bit of lube might also help if you’re feeling clumsy or having a bit of trouble, and if you get desperate during removal try slowly cooling your penis to initiate a bit of shrinkage. For ball rings and stretchers put in one testicle at a time, if the ring is designed to go over the penis as well leave the penis til last, and obviously, be gentle.

And now, the word of caution that we really hope you don’t skip over.
Before thinking about using a C-ring there are a few things you NEED to know! It’s not ever recommended to use a cock ring that is restricting blood flow for more than 20 – 30 minutes. You might think this isn’t a very long time, but think of it like putting a rubber band around your finger, you wouldn’t leave that there for very long would you? Speaking of rubber bands, its very important that you don’t try to substitute with a rubber band or anything else really, there are a lot of blood vessels in this very delicate area and the last thing you want to do is cause any serious long-term damage. To this end it might be best to try not to wear a ring in public where it may become “inappropriate” to take it off, especially through airport security which might not end well when you have to try to explain what the metal thing in your pants is. Always make it a priority to take it off after sex, don’t risk falling asleep and forgetting about it. And lastly if you start to feel any discomfort, or loss of sensation and even loss of heat in your penis carefully take your ring off as soon as possible. The biggest risk for improper use of a cock ring is Priapism, caused by coagulated blood in your blood vessels which results in a prolonged erection but not in a good way. Priapism can be extremely painful and can cause permanent damage to the erectile tissue.
With proper use however a cock ring is a safe and fun addition to your toy box!

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Kegel’s what the hell are they?

Firstly, why Kegel Exercises?

Image by Continence Foundation of Australia

The pelvic floor is actually a series of muscles between your hips that act as a hammock holding some of your organs in place, these organs include bowel, bladder and some reproductive organs. A weak pelvic floor can be cause by a number of things, in women it can be a Sid effect of giving birth, but in most cases, it is caused by aging or weight gain.

How can we fix this?

Kegel exercises are a muscle movement that you can do pretty much anywhere at any time. The Goal? To strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The exercise can be a little tricky at first, finding the right group of muscles can be difficult. The best method starts off with an empty bladder, to start this process of identification is to insert a clean figure into the vagina, then try to squeeze the finger with the vaginal muscles without tensing your stomach or thighs. If you are still unsure feel free to contact your GP or gynecologist and see if they can offer any help.

Usually using a device called Ben Wa Balls or Kegel Balls is the best way to find the right muscle group, Kegel Balls are used as a slightly advance method of Kegel training but there is nothing wrong with starting there. There is a really great set of Kegels by Nalone called Yani which we sell a lot of! Lelo do a great set as well. The benefit of these Kegel sets is they have different weighted balls, so you can swap out for something heavier or lighter depending on your skill level. Other wise if you into something a little more natural and spiritual you can have a look at Yoni’s Range of Crystal Kegel Eggs.

image by the Continence foundation of Australia

Now guys you might be wondering “what about me?” well don’t worry we got you covered! It turns out that the same group of muscles a woman uses to clench the vagina can be used to clench the anus and this will work out the Kegel “Sling “as well. As far as Ben Wa Balls are concerned it is NOT recommended to use these anally. The reason for this is there usually isn’t a flare on the Kegel Balls, so it is very likely that they might get “lost” this happens all the time and, in most cases, results in a trip to the ER. But don’t fret there are products on the market that have the same weighted bouncy feeling as a Kegel Ball, Marc Dorcel do a hollow plastic butt plug that contains a weighted ball inside for this exact reason.

What are the benefits you ask?

Well apart from the occasional cheeky orgasm that may occur from stimulating the G or P spot, the benefits are enormous:

For the ladies, stronger vaginal muscles can lead to more intense and satisfying orgasms, but even better than that Kegel exercises can combat urinary incontinence, strengthen the bowl and boost your sexual self-esteem. Kegel training is recommended for women who have just given birth due to the massive amount of trauma this area is subject to during the birthing process.

For men the benefits are similar to prostate stimulation, promotion of blood flow to the genital area, more control over orgasms a great way to combat erectile dysfunction (if this is something that you wish to know more about please have a read of our blog on penis pumps). Strong Kegels can also improve sexual stamina with stronger and longer lasting erections with the added benefit of more powerful orgasms. And lastly for the silver fox’s out there Kegel training can also improve bladder control allowing you to empty your bladder fully without those last-minute dribbles otherwise known as urinary incontinence.

For both men and women the “work out” routine is fairly simple, start buy holding the muscles for up to three second, and try to do 1 – 3 reps of 10. Push that 3 seconds of holding up to about 10 seconds over time and start the smaller reps. Once a day is plenty as overworking these muscles can lead to muscle fatigue leading to worsening the issue we are trying to prevent. Much like anything worth doing its worth doing correctly and will take some time before you see results. Make it a part of your daily routine and in a week or two, you will start to see the pay off take effect.

Yoni Crystal Pleasure Range


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Glass Pleasure Objects, are they safe?

Once I had a love and it was a gas, soon turned out had a heart of glass…. But you’re not here for the Blondie reference, you’re here for a glass organ of a different kind ?
Short answer to the question that bought you here; yes! But as with most things its not that simple, let us explain…
When most people think of sex toys they think silicones and plastics, the market is saturated with these materials so you’d be forgiven for not considering metal, glass, wood or even crystal as an alternative! Glass toys have in fact been around since at least the 1600’s but fell out of fashion until the early 1900’s, around the time Pyrex was making a name for itself. The art of super-heat-treating borosilicate glass as it forms resulted in a lightweight but strong glass resistant to thermal shock, or in simpler terms.. resistant to breaking when the temperature changes.
Glass dongs and anal toys have a unique slickness and hardness that a lot of us desire without the heaviness of a metal toy alternative. Glass is non-porous, making it extremely hygienic, and can be used with any lubricant your beating heart desires! This hypoallergenic surface contains no parabens or toxins and is great for people with sensitive skin or allergies to plastics and rubbers. This also makes glass really great for parties and swingers, this is a toy you can share with the confidence of knowing that when you clean it, it’s really clean. You can even heat or cool glass toys if you’re into temperature play, just make sure it’s a gradual temperature change, while borosicilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock, it is still susceptible to breakage from a sudden temperature shift. To cool your toy place it in the fridge in a sealed bag to prevent any lingering bacteria from transferring. To heat your glass friend, place in cool water and slowly bring it to the boil and remove with tongs, let it cool slightly in the air before.. ahem.. inserting. It’s always wise to test the temp on the soft skin of your forearm first to avoid freezer or heat burns.
Speaking of putting it in hot water, did we mention you can put a glass dildo in the dishwasher? We still recommend cleaning it off with an antibacterial toy cleaner afterward to remove any soapy residue.

“BUT GLASS CAN BREAK!” Yes, like most materials glass is not inphallible. While it’s pretty unlikely to break even from most drops, we’ve probably all found a way to chip, break or even shatter the generally indestructible pyrex jug we all seem to have in the cupboard (No? Just me?). Unlike the pyrex jug though, you really really can’t keep using your toy once it’s damaged without risking glass splinters or cuts, and you really don’t want to deal with that down there. So, check your toy before use and while cleaning, avoid dropping it as much as possible, remember to apply gradual heat changes and keep your sexy see-through friend in a soft fabric bag when not in use, most glass toys come with one if you’re purchasing a reputable brand. Brands like Glas, Blown, and Icicles are leaders in the industry and well known for their strong quality products, find yourself one of these legends and you’ll have a friend for life!
In the interest of transparency there’s a few things to be wary of…
· Vibrating Glass dongs should be used with caution, these toys are hollow which means the glass is thinner and has endured a lot more strain to achieve its shape so there is a higher chance of breakage.
· Avoid the cheap brands, not every company takes customer safety into account and in order to keep costs down many use cheaper but less safe glass alternatives when making their products, so steer clear of overseas knock offs or super cheap brands that seem too good to be true.
· If there are any imperfections or bubbles in your glass toys return it asap to the store you bought it from or contact the manufacturer before you use it.
A well made glass toy has the potential to last your entire life, unlike silicone or plastic toys that are prone to eventually break, crack or tear, your elegant glass friend will be there till the very end! Glass is a beautiful alternative and feels amazing so if you’re after something a little different this just might be the toy for you.
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HeyHeidi Brings You; 6 Simple Ideas to Banish Boring Sex

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Lot’s of relationships go through ho-hum periods in the sex department.  Sex that used to be fun, exciting and crazy hot has now become boring, mundane and predictable.

If this is how you sometimes feel, you’re in a sex rut and it’s time to get the fuck out of it.

Here are 6 new way to be like J.T. and bring the sexy back!


Not only will masturbation amp up your “wanna do it” mojo, it’s also an amazing self-discovery tool.

 Experiment with your body. Try touching yourself in new ways. You’ll probably be surprised-  finding new spots that feel kinda awesome, different sensations and updated variations to what turns you onoh, that’s some pretty great shit right there.

Make a date with yourself and do some pleasure-based research.

Read about Heidi’s favorite sex toys to masturbate with.


Talking about sex is healthy (and hot).

It lets you (and your partner) know a new thing or twenty about each of your likes/desires- and even the opposite – things that aren’t necessarily revving you up.

These conversations make for great foreplay.

Talking about sex, well, it’s just sexy. And. it gets the brain (your largest sex organ!) juices flowing!


If you’re able to do a play-by-play of how the sex goes just about every time you do it then it’s definitely time to switch it up!  

Mix up that boring “A-Z, touch me there, flip, rinse, repeat” sex.  Try a new position. Do it at a different time of the day.  Move away from the bed and into the laundry room (on the machine… on the spin cycle…!).

Variety is the spice of (your totally amazing sex) life!


We’re taking it back to #2 and communication (remember, YOUR BRAIN IS YOUR LARGEST SEX ORGAN)!  

Talk with your partner about your fantasies, what turns you both on. Add a little of those to your play and voila’! you’ve got some steamy role play action happenin’!  

Role/Fantasy play could be as mild as reliving a past sexy experience to as wild as…. well, as long as you both think it could be kinda hot, I say GO FOR IT!


Despite popular belief, sex toys aren’t just for solo play.

Show them how you masturbate with your toy, let them explore your body with it, bring it to the main event…

Since about 75-ish +/- % of female bodies need some form of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, a vibe could be the perfect accompaniment on your quest for better sex!

My personal favorite is the We-Vibe Tango!

If I was ever stranded on an island and could only bring along one vibrator, the Tango, without a doubt, would be the one.  Read my review of the Tango here.


This one’s such a biggy- When you cloud your brain with everything-but-the-present thoughts it’s pretty damn difficult to enjoy what’s happening right now.  

Of course the sex is boring.  You’re too busy thinking about everything EXCEPT all the good stuff that’s happening right in front of you that you could totally be enjoying!   

It might sound cliche’, but start being more mindful in the sack and you’ll have better sex.

Get creative, think outside the box, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!  Sex is healthy, it relieves stress, it brings partners together… IT’S JUST PLAIN GOOD!

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Lubricant, The Best Sex Toy!!

Lube! Such a slippery topic, but we believe not only can lubricant make sex better but it’s probably the easiest “Sex Toy” to introduce into a sexual relationship and for that reason its our number one go to for couples looking for something to spice up their sex lives.

There are many different types of lubricant, from edible flavoured lubes, arousal creams and gels that warm or cool, to the good old silicone lubricant. Here at Adult Bliss we often have people ask, “can’t I just use coconut oil?” the short answer is no, we’ll get into why a little later, but there are definitely some more natural alternatives & hybrid lubes out there. The lubrication industry has come a long way since the good old KY jelly days, so today we are going to focus on some of our most commonly asked questions, starting with:

“What’s the point of lube at all?” This is a fair question so let’s do a quick break down on the top few reasons you should introduce a good quality lubricant into your bedroom.

Sometimes you just need a bit of assistance getting the sexy juices flowing, for those of us with forward facing downstairs orifices a sudden dryness can occur for many reasons; stress, low libido, menopause, medications, lower then usual estrogen levels, and sometimes just a lack of arousal, we’ll delve more into the topic of vaginal dryness in a later blog. In the meantime, partners, don’t take it personally! Sometimes it’s hard to switch on that faucet even when you are aroused, and that’s ok, and do you know why it’s ok? Because lube, that’s why!

If you or your partner don’t have an issue with getting those natural juices flowing that doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself the sexy, silky, slippery feel that is a good quality lubricant. The right lubricant can really up the ante on a night of passion. But how do you know what sort of lube is right for you?

“What’s the different between Water Based and Silicone lubricants?!?!”


The properties of Silicone lube allow it to sit on the skin without absorbing in too quickly, providing longer lasting slipperiness than most water-based lubes. The consistency of a silicone lube is usually a bit thicker, making it perfect for anal sex. Unfortunately, it doesn’t wash off very easily as it isn’t soluble in water, this might make it good for shower sex but not so good if you’re hoping for quick clean up afterwards. Silicones slick and slippery hypoallergenic formula is often considered soothing to sensitive areas and can create an almost friction free sexual experience making it an obvious go to lubricant for couples and for male masturbation. For women silicone lube has a very different feel to the natural lubricant provided by the body, so if you’re after a natural feel silicone might not be the lube for you.

But with such a magical sexual liquid available you might ask why you would use anything else. User beware, silicone will stain your clothes and sheets so it’s important to wash it off asap, and unfortunately a post coital clean up can be a bit of a mood killer. However, part of what makes silicone a great lube is also its biggest problem. Silicone’s ability to bond to itself doesn’t bode well for your silicone coated toys, you’ll find combining the two will melt away and warp that expensive velvety silicone coating. While some medical grade silicone toys are compatible with some silicone lubes, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so pay attention to any tips from the manufacturer when you purchase a silicone lube or toy. It’s absolutely safe to use on plastic or glass toys though, so go for gold.


Water-based (WB) lubricants are usually thinner than silicone, giving it a more natural sensation. While water alone tends to remove the skins natural protective layer over time, the properties of Water Based lube do quite the opposite, being reported to have a hydrating and moisturising effect as it absorbs slowly into the skin. This does mean that it wont last as long on the skin as a silicone lube and may need to be applied a few times throughout your sexy time. Despite this, water-based lubricant is our go-to for use with toys as it won’t damage that delicate silicone coating we talked about before or leave sticky residues on your toys or skin. This makes water-based lube very easy to clean off of toys and skin but means it’s not the right lube for shower sex or any other aquatic sexual activities.

Flavoured and edible lubes are also mostly water based, these days there are so many fruity and dessert flavoured options available you can turn your nether regions into a sweet delicacy your partner is sure to enjoy. If oral sex or flavoured lube isn’t your thing, but you still want to make the lube experience a little more interesting you can try an arousal lube. These lubes have a variety of effects like cooling, warming or tingling, start off with a small amount and give them time to take effect, too much too quickly might not have the desired effect. Always read the ingredients list and rinse off immediately if you don’t react well to it.

Anal sex enthusiasts probably already incorporate specially designed lubricant into their sexual routine as the anus isn’t self-lubricating like a vagina. For anal penetration a thicker lubricant is recommended, if you’re not into silicone you can get thicker water-based lubes like the System JO H2O anal lubricant which doesn’t contain any desensitisers or numbing agents which we recommend for first time anal explorers as you don’t want to accidentally do damage you can’t feel.

Both silicone and water based lubes are generally safe to use with condoms and other forms of contraceptives, but it is important to read the ingredient list to make sure there are no nasties in there, if you’re using water based we recommend ones that are glycerine free, and in general avoid using alternatives like moisturising creams and oils (remember we mentioned coconut oil?) as they damage the latex in condoms, and compromise the skins natural pH balance which can result in unpleasant infections or skin damage.

The benefits of lubrication are numerous, so if you’ve ever thought about introducing something new to the bedroom to spice up your sex life and you’re not ready for toys then lube is a great place to start!

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