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Hype G-Spot Vibrator

This G-spot vibrator is special: ROMP Hype features a unique, ergonomic design and a plush tip that fits that hits the spot. Safe and soft to the touch, ROMP Hype is perfect for everyone that wants to discover a new type of orgasm.

ROMP hype: the hype surrounding the G-spot

For decades it was considered a myth – the G-spot. Does it really exist? And if it does, what is the best way to stimulate it? And where is it exactly this elusive spot? Small spoiler alert: Yes, it does exist – and the G-Spot vibrator ROMP Hype it the best way to pamper it. But first, a bit of information about the legendary G-spot.

What is the G-spot exactly?

We know about the existence of the G-spot thanks to its discoverer Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg. As early as 1950, he found out that the woman’s vaginal walls are equipped with numerous erogenous nerve endings. This is where the G-spot, also called Gräfenberg zone or Gräfenberg spot, is located.

Where exactly is the G-spot?

The term spot is actually wrong. Rather, it is a zone along the female urethra, which turned out to be particularly sensitive in Gräfenberg’s examinations and surveys. It is usually found about four to five centimeters (around 2 inches) from the entrance of the vagina. You can find the G-spot if you insert one or two fingers along the front wall of the vagina as far as possible and press there with your fingertips towards the abdomen. Many women state that the G-spot feels like a slightly rough, raised area. Since every woman is unique, the G-spot can also be located directly behind the entrance to the vagina or completely inside it.

Stimulate the G-spot with sex toys

Vibrators not only pamper the G-Spot intensively but also persistently. In contrast to the clitoris, vaginal stimulation usually takes a little longer. Basically, all elongated and curved vibrators are called G-spot vibrators because they feature an angled tip that is designed to hit the G-spot when inserted into the vagina. This shape facilitates G-spot stimulation.

ROMP Hype: A G-spot vibrator that lives up to the hype

This G-spot vibrator is special: thanks to the ergonomic shape and the particularly soft tip, Hype ensures particularly intense orgasms. Have you always wanted to explore your body in peace? Then take some me-time and grab ROMP Hype. As a couple, you can go on a very special journey of discovery. So that no annoying noises disturb you – after all, it’s only about you two – ROMP Hype is whisper-quiet and thus enables undisturbed pampering. Six vibration modes let you decide for yourself how intensely you are feeling. Sometimes we enjoy gentle stimulation, sometimes it can be a little more intense. Each day you can choose the vibration that you feel like! However, there is still one small decision to be made: which of the six vibration modes do you want today. Gentle or powerful?


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