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Beat Bullet Vibrator

ROMP Beat is our bullet vibrator with six vibration intensities. The unique shape allows clitoral fun AND internal stimulation. Waterproof and featuring four vibration patterns, you will always find what you are looking for! With ROMP Beat, you can do whatever you want.

ROMP Beat: A bullet vibrator for double the fun

Clitoral stimulation is the key for many women to reach orgasm. That’s why there are a lot of clitoral stimulators – and that’s a good thing. However, many women do not want to do without vaginal stimulation. This is where sex toys like ROMP Beat come into play. A toy that can do both.

The vaginal orgasm – a challenge for many women

According to surveys, only around a quarter of all women surveyed stated that they achieved orgasm through purely vaginal stimulation. The clear majority needs clitoral stimulation. Many women even doubt that a purely vaginal climax is even possible. A quick look at the facts: The vagina itself has significantly fewer nerves, so it is nowhere near as sensitive to stimulation as the clitoris, which has a large number of nerve endings. In a certain zone – dubbed the G-spot by Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg – several erogenous nerve endings meet. And that is exactly what makes this area – whatever you choose to call it – the center of the vaginal climax. It is all the more important to get to know this zone and the best way to do this is through masturbation. If you know your own body, you also know your sexual preferences and feelings.

Orgasm tips for women

First of all, we should never forget that the following mantra: Enjoy the journey not just the destination. Of course, orgasms are nice and important, but sex is about so much more. Every touch, every palpation counts. For this reason, an important tip is to clear your head and remove any pressure. Try to enjoy instead of think. This, in turn, helps physical and mental relaxation and enables intense sexual climaxes. Then then the experience is about getting to know yourself in a playful way. Which body part reacts to which touch and how? What turns you on, what not so much? Ultimately, orgasms are also a matter of practice – and the discipline is called masturbation. If you know your body well, you can let yourself go and enjoy sex. Sex toys are great companions on the journey to your own sexuality. To explore clitoral and vaginal orgasms, toys such as ROMP Beat are perfectly studied as they provide dual stimulation.

ROMP Beat: A bullet vibrator for every need

ROMP Beat ensures that you find the perfect rhythm for yourself. Whether clitoral or vaginal stimulation, this toy is an all-rounder. Thanks to its unique shape, the bullet vibrator fits perfectly in your hand and provides plenty of variety with six vibration modes. After all, this game is about finding out about your own needs. Ready for this adventure? ROMP Beat can be purchased for an excellent price online.


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