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Vacuum Cup Masturbator - Vagina The Pretty Love new vacuum cup can provide a man with a realistic sexual experience that is almost as good as having a woman in bed. No man ever has to feel alone again since the making of this wonderful toy. The Pretty Love new vacuum cup was designed to give his private parts the feel of true vaginal insertion. The item is the perfect emergency toy for in between relationships or lonely nights at home. Its discreet container allows the user to carry it anywhere he is going to go. Whether it is to the gym, work, or the car, a gentleman can take this out and pleasure himself without anyone being the wiser. 


Vacuum Cup Masturbator - Anus Get Cheeky with the Pretty Love Vacuum Cup Masturbator. Add some lubricant to the realistic anus opening before slipping inside. Once you slip beyond her widening hole, get filthy and familiar and nourish your penis with the stimulating layers of tight ridges. With an airflow structure, simply cover the hole on the top of the cup to create a suction that will have you moaning all the way to climax. 


Vacuum Cup Masturbator - Mouth We are proud to present to you our very new vacuum cup - The Pretty Love Vacuum Cup Masturbator. Reach new heights of sensual pleasure with this super soft, high quality product which feels just as good as a real blow job. Encased in a stylish, comfortable exterior case, the insert and sleeve are soft, yet super stretchy allowing you to control suction. Simple and easy enough to use. With just a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.


Use with your favourite water-based lube for the best experience. The sleeve is removable from the case, making cleanup very easy.



Material: TPR, ABS

Weight: 295 grams180mm x 70mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review