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Here you will find all our vibrating dildos. You might be asking yourself, How do we define a vibrating dildo as separate from a vibrator. Well, the criteria aren’t exact but when we say Dildo we mean something that looks like a penis when we say Dong we mean something that kind of looks like a penis but is less phallic. The main feature of these two types of sex toys share is that they feel like a human appendages. They are soft and flexible and are design more or less to mimic the feeling of a penis. Whereas Vibrators are specifically designed for pleasure without the consideration of realism at all, and more often than not, tend to have a solid core.

Vibrating Dongs/Dildos are kind of the best of both worlds and tend to be more flexible and soft than their Vibrator counterparts. and the best part is they are usually strapon compatible and have a suction cup base!

As always we recommend silicone sex toys for your health and for a longer-lasting better experience and always use Water Based Lubricant with your toys, clean with a Sex Toy Cleaner rather than Soap! Try our System, Jo Care Kit, for everything you need at a great price!

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