Category: Crystal, Glass & Metal

“…and now for something completely different”
Glass, Steel and even crystal quartz! are materials you might not have thought very sexy. However, glass toys are on the rise and steel and crystal are with them!

These hard surface sex toys provide an experience unlike anything else, their ridged and smooth designs offer unbreakable stimulation at unbelievable intensities. The best part about glass toys is they will last forever, never faltering and never falling apart. Because they aren’t super porous, they are super easy to clean and care for!

Steel and glass sex toys are also really great for temperature play! you can warm them in water and cool them in the freezer adding an extra dimension of pleasure to your experience!

As always we recommend using Water Based Lubricant with your toys, and clean with a Sex Toy Cleaner rather than Soap! Try our, System Jo Care Kit, for everything you need at a great price!

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