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This is a catalogue of all of our non-vibrating anal sex toys. We make the distinction between vibrating and non-vibrating anal because there are some core differences between the two.

Mostly you will find that non-vibrating anal toys are usually more flexible, as they don’t have any internal battery or motor housing. Making them more suited to first time users or people that prefer less rigid designs.

Other benefits of silicone non-vibrating anal sex toys are, they can be cleaned thoroughly by boiling the product in water! This can be handy with anal toys as they generally need more rigorous cleaning than other sex toys.

The main thing that sets anal toys apart is they will always have a base on them, either an anchor or a round suction cup. This base is the make sure the sex toy never goes in too far, it is very possible to “lose” toys in the anus if they don’t have a base.

We always recommend silicone sex toys for your health and product quality. As always use water-based lubricant with your toys and clean with a sex toy cleaner rather than soap! Try our System, Jo Care Kit, for everything you need at a great price!

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