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Adelaide has a rich fetish and kink community, that's why here at Adult Bliss we do our absolute best to support it! If we aren't already stocking bandage toys that you're looking for, get in touch and we will do what we can to get them in, We even have access to custom made gear and special orders!

Here at Adult Bliss, we take bondage toys very seriously!! The Kink community in Adelaide is strong and passionate and it's only fair that there is an adult store Adelaide that is just as passionate about fetish gear. That's why our adult store stocks a wide range of bondage toys and fetish gear ranging from beginner level right up to the highest quality. If you're searching for bondage toys Adelaide you have found the sex shop you're looking for.

Examples of fetish gear we stock:

Medical Play:

Medical Play is pretty much what it sounds like, the use of medical style sex toys to stimulate a submissive response and indulge a dominants curiosity! Using scissors to cut one's clothes off, or exposing one's most private areas with a speculum or retractor. Extremely fun fetish play but not for the faint of heart.

Sounding Rods:

We have a large range of sounding rods and urethral rods, the use of these sex toys has increased over the past few years and can result in some pretty amazing outcomes. As far as fetish play goes this one is considered to be accessible but please do your research first!

Nipple Play:

Nipple play, a commonly known form of fetish play can be anything from pinching and biting to using vacuum cups and weighted nipple clamps. The nipples are a very common erogenous zone, therefore stimulating them can feel quite intense and for some people, it can even cause orgasm.

Wax Play:

Wax Play is a pretty straight forward from of fetish play, its the act of dripping purpose made wax onto someone's skin. This doesn't have to be as painful as it sounds. Using the correct types of wax play candles, usually soy-based, you can cause a small short lasting amount of pain. It is also a form of temporary body art and is commonly exhibited in the fetish community.

Rope Play:

Something else that is often exhibited as art in the fetish community, Rope Play is often a form of bondage play using restraint and suspension where the "Rigger" displays intricate knots and patterns on the body of their subjects. Rope play isn't without its risks so please seek training or advice before trying this at home.


Gags are commonplace in most fetish and kink enthusiasts sex toy repertoire. they a form of bondage toys and are great to use on a submissive for power play and restraint. There are many different shapes and sizes including ring gags, bar gags, ball gags, and breathable ball gags.

Whips, Crops & Paddles:

Impact play is a fetish play generally referring to larger and heavier paddles, although pretty much refers to anything impacting on the body, whips, crops, floggers, hands, you name it. It is important to know ones pain tolerance before practicing and even more important to set boundaries and safe words.

Restraints, Hand Cuffs, & Collars

Bondage is the ultimate in domination fetish play, whether you're restrained to yourself or to a wall or bed, you are in a state of total submission. This can be psychologically stressful to a Sub so it's important once again to have your safe words worked out beforehand. Checking in on a Sub during and after is important just to make sure everything went according to plan.

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