Penile Enhancement – What is it?

Some Pointers from the JELQ2GROW Team

Hi to the Happy Adult Bliss Community!

Jerry here from JELQ2GROW. I live in Adelaide, where we make our signature product, the JELQ2GROW Balm. My colleague in our start-up business, Tino, is over in Buenos Aires! Simon and Monique have asked us to contribute to their wonderful Adult Bliss Blog and in this article we are going to discuss P.E. and where JELQ2GROW can fit in!

 What is P.E?

Many aficionados of the practice refer to it as  Penile Enlargement. At JELQ2GROW we use the term Penile ENHANCEMENT.

Why Enhancement? Because P.E. can result in so much more than just a bigger penis. It can improve erection quality. It can help stop premature ejaculation. It can be used to modify penile aesthetics – to straighten curvature for example. It’s now commonly prescribed by urologists post prostate treatment. Practitioners of P.E. often report a re-connection with their desire and libido, their sexual well-being and self-confidence, both in bed and out of it. These are all Enhancements. These changes may well also be accompanied by enlargement and there’s nothing wrong with striving for that either. A simple analogy is people working out at the gym to achieve particular outcomes.

Our balm’s name is derived from the  Arab practice of Jelqing. It is the stretching of the semi-erect (70+%) penis with an “OK” hand grip. The practitioner pulls the OK forward, moving the grip along the shaft while compressing. He swaps hands as he reaches the glans, and on he goes. Penis owners who practice jelqing and other techniques over months and years CAN and DO achieve results! These techniques work!

There are many methods of P.E. being applied nowadays. At JELQ2GROW, despite our name, we’re relatively agnostic as to which methods people use. We just don’t want anybody hurting themselves! 

We can currently consider P.E. in two main methodologies:

(1) Manual exercises such as Jelqing and Stretching.
(2) Device-based methods such as Pumps, All Day Stretchers, Weights and Bathmates.

The idea of P.E. in its simplest form is to cause microtears in skin and tissue. These repair in an elongated state. Result: a bigger member. Edging is also common amongst PE practitioners, to aid the process. Edging is probably also very well known to readers. To finish a P.E. session with 15 minutes of Edging while absorbing your healing JELQ2GROW Balm is sheer bliss, sheer Adult Bliss even. Edging helps the whole process.

Just like the gym, P.E. practitioners train through their routines, following their methods,  pursuing results and keeping track of them. Consistency is key. We advise NOT to allow size obsession to creep in though – enjoy all of the benefits. Let it blend in with all elements of your life.

For a long time, P.E. was scoffed at.

This is not surprising given that pre-internet, it was dominated by advertisements for miracle pills, tucked away in the back of old-world bodybuilding magazines. Pills don’t make you bigger. Obviously, there are supplements to improve blood circulation and now we have prescription drugs to help give us an erection, but the “grow an inch with our pills” brigade are simply thieves. When the internet started finding its way into ordinary people’s lives, PE started appearing, initially in the net’s dark nether regions, but it is now out there, in its full glory. Cameras on phones have given it a dramatic boost as penis owners keep “before and after” pics and some compare progress!

Well, one of the first PE forums was a site known as Thunder’s Place.

In May 2018, I stumbled on Thunder’s and ended up having great results applying the manual P.E. techniques, stretching, and Jelqing. Anyway, by coincidence, I used my own shea butter-based skin repair balm right through my initial journey and noticed that, despite the extra attention and workout my member was getting, his skin looked better and better. It seemed my tissue repair was also really rapid – and that’s exactly what shea butter does – by promoting collagen production!

Simon and Monique at Adult Bliss were good enough to stock our balm. Besides the P.E., it’s a great masturbation partner and a great lube. Apparently, shea butter makes a super anal lube! Later, Tino and I decided to market the product differently and our little start-up, JELQ2GROW, is now a PE business. As well as our balm, making P.E. easier for our beloved customers, we provide overall solutions for people looking to enhance themselves: apart from free info, we have individually tailored workouts and one on one personal training.

We’re proud to say that through our own website, blog, and forum, we are creating a supportive brotherhood. There are no cucumbers nor bananas there, we pride ourselves on being totally inclusive. Penis owners of all ages, shapes, orientations, and sizes are welcome.

We NEVER prey on any insecurities! 

Another related application for JELQ2GROW Balm is in scrotum stretching. Again, the application is recommended Before, During, and After. Adult Bliss has a great range of “OxBalls” silicone stretchers and metal weights and our balm goes perfectly with this sophisticated pursuit. To have a pair of prominent hangers and to have that stretching of the sack going on, is a fantastic feeling. Aesthetics of the scrotum skin can be vastly improved with JELQ2GROW.

Well, P.E. is out from the internet’s nether regions and the old world bodybuilding mags! It’s here to stay! It’s no more likely to go away than Gyms are! We believe P.E. can help a man grow within himself, and that its practice can be a core part of a man’s entire adult life.

JELQ2GROW, “P.E. Training Made Easy”, speaks to our core product’s ability to make your P.E. path a lot more enjoyable and successful.

If you’re in Adelaide, buy the balm from Adult Bliss. Obviously, we’re online, and have a look at us there please, but our support from the AB Team has been amazing. They support Adelaide businesses like us and we would do anything to support them, so buy JELQ2GROW in their shop or from their website.

JELQ2GROW. Take us with you on your growth journey.

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