Maybe Size Does Matter, Satisfyer Traveler Review

I was ready to be wowed by this product but it did leave me a little underwhelmed unfortunately. It is a clitoral stimulator for external use alone. So lets get into it’s positives and negatives.

Visual appeal and packaging 3/5

The Satisfyer Traveler comes in an easy to open package, with a little peak-a-boo window so you can see it before you buy it. There is also a tester product in store for you to hold if you wish.

The packaging doesn’t have heaps of filler paper and plastic waste left over, which I love, very Eco-friendly.

While with the Satisfyer Pro 3 I have reviewed previously I said I would love a stand for it, I don’t have to say this for this one. The satisfyer fits into a little lid that holds it well, hides the device while travelling and most importantly keeps the little bits of lint and crumbs off of it between usage and cleaning. Love Love Love this feature so much. I would love to see this lid integrated into the full-sized units too.

The actual product is smaller than its non-traveller counterparts it is still made with medical-grade silicone and has a little lid like I have said earlier that when on reminds me of a little egg; small and easy to move around.

Functionality 3/5

The head of the device is meant to fit nicely around your clit to make a tight seal so you get every wave and vibration, unfortunately I found it to not be as strong or well curved as its full sized counterparts.

I found it wasn’t as easy to line up with my body, the smooth curve that fitted great between my legs wasn’t there because of it’s smaller size.

The Satisfyer Traveler has only two buttons. Up and down. The up is also the on and off.
While the Traveler still utilises a lithium-ion battery the power, versatility and option for extra vibration isn’t available with this unit.
For a one or two nighter here and there it is good enough to get you by for sure. But if you are wanting to use it more regularly use or your daily; I would upgrade to the full sized unit, it just gives a little more bang for your buck.

Vibration style and material 3/5

So the pressure waves are meant to simulate oral sex, I love how it feels but I wouldn’t describe it as feeling like oral sex. To me, it feels more like a sucking being turned on and off. The higher you turn it up the more intense the feeling is. Unfortunately the vibration setting isn’t on this model. But the pressure waves are still there, just not as strong of a seal as the full sized models. If you use level 3 on the full sized one you probably will use 4 or 5 on this one.

It is made using medical-grade silicone that is also so soft to touch, this keeps it hygienic and super easy to clean.

It is also waterproof so you can take it into the shower or bath with you or wash it easily in the sink then use your silicone friendly toy cleaner. You can even get travel sized toy cleaner bottles.

It has a super quiet motor which is great for a traveler cos who knows how thick those hotel room walls are.
The lithium-ion battery makes the vibrations steady, it lasts for hours and doesn’t overheat.

Wow factor/pleasure 2/5

I definitely enjoyed this one, but it’s not quite strong enough with a strong enough seal for me. But that might just be that my anatomy is different that others. The suction of the pleasure waves is a nice difference from the standard vibration of most other toys,

I do miss being able to have the pleasure waves and vibrations at the same time though.

I found myself at times wondering if the 3 or 4 centimetres of space saved for buying the traveler over the full sized Satisfyer was really worth the money I saved.

Satisfyer Traveler

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