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Why I Took My Husband To A Brothel Part 2

Why I took my husband to a brothel 

is an epic adventure filled with fun, awkward events and strange characters. After spending a night drunkenly flirting with a woman, I realised that the only way to get my husband and I into a boundary respecting threesome was to go to a brothel. I don’t expect other people to understand our choice, and neither does he, but if you’re curious about it, read on. 

In Queensland, where we live, prostitution is legal. Brothels undergo council approval checks like all other legitimate businesses.

Though the options for brothels in my area are limited, despite a large population there are only three active brothels, and one of them is dedicated to Asian women. Starting with a romantic date we embarked on a night that has sparked new passions and adventures within our relationship, not an easy feat after 10 years together.

Having shared a few cocktails over dinner we decided to Uber to the brothel, and the first surprise we had was that the Uber driver knew exactly where we were going. Apparently it is common for drivers Taxi and ride share drivers to drop off and pick up at the local brothels, many know the address by heart. Our driver had MANY questions, but he was gobsmacked that we were going as a couple, he really couldn’t believe that I was comfortable with our plan. To be fair, most people have the same basic questions, and I’ll do my best to answer some of them now. Why? Because it has long been a fantasy for both of us, we’ve discussed variations of threesome fantasies for 10 years. 

Why a brothel? Having strict boundaries was important to us and the biggest boundary we needed to explore how I felt watching him have sex with another woman. 

We already knew how he felt about me having sex with another woman – very excited to see more. Before we were finished with the Uber experience we learned that Taxi Drivers can earn a “finder’s fee” for bringing fares to a brothel, but Uber drivers cannot. Our driver asked us to lie for him and say he recommended the brothel. Luckily we didn’t have to, a tense argument between the driver and the door man left us standing awkwardly in the lobby of the brothel. What a way to start the night.

After paying upfront at the counter, we waited in the lounging room to be greeted by the ladies available, only women who were willing to play with couples would meet us. Decorated in homage to the Versace Playboy mansion days, with huge leather couches and hazy lighting, creating a plush, but well worn, atmosphere. 

When the women came out we met five ladies of different ages, shapes and sizes, and for each of them we were able to chat about what we wanted. This gave us a chance to have a look at the women and get a feel for each of them. 

Between each meeting we had a chance to discuss how we felt, three of them seemed less comfortable/interested in dealing with us. Of the two who were open and interested, one was an older woman who came on too strong for our comfort level, and the other was a lovely woman of a similar age to us, dressed as casually as she spoke to us. Having selected our playmate for the evening we were led through the back halls to a large room where shit quickly got real.

There are a lot of rules that you must follow when going to a brothel, and many of them are things you may not know until you’re directed through your own session. As we explored the huge room, with a separate toilet, open shower, 4 person spa bath, stripper pole, wall to wall mirror and a king size bed. 

The sex worker asked my husband to get naked and to stand in front of her. He was subjected to a health check where she interrogated his penis via flashlight – to check for infections and problems before starting anything. 

This was a shock for both of us as we hadn’t read anything on the website nor had anyone warned us about it prior, however we accepted this and he complied without resistance. Whatever needed to be done for the woman to feel safe and conduct her work appropriately, we were happy to comply. Next they both took separate showers, as a hygiene precaution, and settle onto the bed for our 30 minute physical rollercoaster.

At no point did I touch the sex worker or my husband, I chose to sit back and enjoy the show, exploring how I felt watching him enjoy another woman’s body. There were multiple mirrors and places for me to sit and get comfortable while I watched her perform oral sex on him, then as they had sex. 

Touching back on the rules, industry standards are that men get one orgasm per paid session, but at her discretion we were allowed two. 

This was exciting for me because I was able to explore him doing multiple things during the session, allowing me to more fully appreciate my feelings and boundaries. After having sex with only me for 10 years, for my husband, this was a learning experience about sex, pleasure, controlling himself, and what he enjoys. Lastly we both learned that him enjoying another woman does not compare to him enjoying me, we enjoyed that fact twice after we got home.

Is going to a brothel the right choice for all couples? 

Hell no! We currently know one other couple who have a relationship anything like ours, and even their boundaries and situation are different to ours. Some couples may want to experience Swingers clubs, there are nights open to everyone, and there are nights where women and couples only are allowed. I may attend one of the ladies’ nights with my husband for professional purposes, wink, wink. Will we be on this journey forever? Probably not, but we can enjoy it now and revisit it later, or never, whatever we choose together. 

Do we still enjoy sex with each other, without fantasies and other women? Absolutely we do, if that was ever in question this sexual experiment would be finished. 

Are we in an open relationship? Not really, ethical non monogamy, or ENM as you may see it referred to on Tinder/Hinge/Grindr, and open relationships are a wide realm that will be explored soon on the blog. This will be a series of writings on my adventures exploring women with my husband and having a Tinder account for the first time ever in my life. For both my husband and I the whole series of events, from me being picked up at a bar by another woman, to our brothel adventure and beyond, has taught us to talk more openly about all our feelings, not just around sex. This adventure keeps bringing us closer and builds our confidence as sexual, loving humans together.

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