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Why Should I Buy The Accessories?

Accessories, those pesky things the salesperson is always trying to get you to buy, the things around the service desk that are just there for decoration, right?

 What if I told you, they all actually serve a purpose?

 They aren’t just an add on or a sales gimmick. Next time you’re in a sex shop ask why they want to sell you that particular thing, don’t shut it down straight away.

Did you know that using silicon-based lube with silicon toys can cause them to decay and break apart faster than if you were to use a water-based lube?

 Have you even ever thought about it? Did you know that can happen with silicon-based lube and condoms too? That’s why they suggest using water-based lube during sex when using condoms.

What about toy cleaner? Yes, yes, we’ve all heard of it but how many of us use it properly I wonder? Why can’t you just use soap? Yes, you can use soap but the compounds that are in soap are there to break up our sweat and dirt, some even have mild exfoliants in them. This means that the soap over time will break down the silicon or plastic on toys. This makes them not last as long. The other thing with soaps is they require water to activate and clean off. Not all toys are waterproof, this means water will get into the mechanics and the electronics/batteries, obviously this will make them stop working. In the end

is that $20 lube or toy cleaner worth skipping for the longevity and sanitation of your $200 toys? Or the chance that a condom could break?

We all know what the repercussions of that could be.

I had a problem recently that I went to Adult Bliss and talked to the ever-helpful Simon about. I have some brilliant toys and I generally keep them in my bedside draws (right within reach when I want them 😉) the problem with this is that little bits were getting stuck to them. A crumb here, some dust there and hair or two for good measure and even though I cleaned them the night before they are now not clean. 

It sucks when you’re already to go, you reach for a toy thinking it’s clean and ready; but no, you have to get up and go clean it. Then are you still in the mood?

So, I mentioned it to Simon, and he said to try these Happy rabbit storage cases to keep your toys in. I had never even heard of them, but for around $30, I’d give it a try. He was so right, clean your toys and put them in this silicon pencil case kind of thing and no more dirt and dust.Now I have this little pouch that says HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY across it sitting in my draw and they stay clean between uses.

This was something I would never have thought of and just by talking to our trusty local sex shop worker, I got a quick and easy fix.

 Not everything is as easy to fix but sometimes it is just a change in the accessories we are using with our toys or ourselves that can make a huge difference.

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