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5 Reasons You’ll Love The Satisfyer Love Breeze

Satisfyer Love Breeze Clitoral Stimulator

Satisfyer’s Love Breeze clitoral stimulator is a vibrating, handheld toy designed to cradle the clitoris and stimulate the user into bliss. Prior to receiving the Love Breeze I had never tried a clitoral stimulator before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the palm sized device. I wasn’t disappointed, for so many reasons, and if you read on you might find that this handy little toy could be a great match for you too.

Satisfyer Love Breeze

Visual Appeal and Packaging 5/5

Elegant packaging featuring soft colours and an elegant, feminine design makes the Satisfyer Love Breeze stand out. Catching you is delicate line art, and a clear image of the toy inside, so you know exactly what to expect when opening the box.  The stimulator itself is a sleek, curved shape, easy to hold in the palm of the hands or the fingertips.

Mine is mainly a shimmering blue with white accents, its elegance and colour stand out amongst my other sex toys. Also available are copper (more like rose gold) and yellow options, each colour shimmers lightly, making them look more visually appealing than you would expect for a sex toy.

Functionality 5/5

There are two buttons, one is to turn the stimulator on/off and increase the vibration, the other is to reduce the intensity, both are easy to press.

Needing around 4 hours to charge, the battery lasts for a good month of regular play time without recharging.

Like most sex toys there is no warning for when the battery is running low other than the vibration pattern getting weaker. The charger Is easily the most user-friendly I have come across, with a USB chord that has a magnetic charging base that magnetises to the back of the stimulator. Whilst on charge there is a white light that flashes, turning solid white when charging is complete. This waterproof little beauty can travel anywhere, easily fitting into a handbag or luggage and is great to enjoy alone or with a partner. Cleaning is simple as simple as putting a good sex toy cleanser in the opening and around the toy, then rinsing. Easy to hold or slip into underwear and requiring no movement to create sensation this sexy tool can be used by anyone who enjoys vibrating suction, regardless of your dexterity. Whilst the Satisfyer Love Breeze is designed to stimulate a clitoris it can also be used on nipples or other erogenous zones to create new sensations, making this toy suitable for a wide audience.

Vibration Style and Material 4/5

Featuring soft, body safe silicone around the suction opening the Satisfyer Love Breeze is soft, almost like skin but smoother, this makes using it easy and enjoyable with or without lube. Having 10 different vibration patterns and 11 air pulse options meant very little to me, once I worked out how to cycle through the various patterns I found changing them up to be the most effective way to enjoy the Love Breeze. Starting as more of a rumbling buzz about half way through the vibration pattern it becomes a high frequency buzz.

The sensation is more like a fluttering at first, then as the vibration gets stronger it starts feels more like gentle sucking kisses and the vibrations penetrate deeper into the pelvis.

I found that the vibration pattern did not vary much from this, which for me was great, since I felt more able to pinpoint the intensities that worked best for me.

Wow Factor/Pleasure 5/5

Whilst looking small and simple, I found that the Love Breeze was easy and enjoyable to use, whether nestled in your palm or your panties, this tiny toy can pack an orgasmic punch.

The first time I used this was with my husband and when I reached orgasm my response was “WOW, fuck.”

This is not my normal response to an orgasm; however, the Love Breeze experience was new for me, the suction and deep penetrating sensation of the fluttering/kissing felt intense, in a very pleasurable way. One thing I really like is that the suction is effective but not overpowering, having a clitoral hood piercing I am wary of anything that creates too much friction or pulling on the piercing. For other piercing owners, the suction moved the piercing with the vibration creating an added sensation, separate from the clitoral stimulator.

General Discussion

I love this little suction machine, the Satisfyer Love Breeze has become my go-to toy, it’s easy to use, easy to orgasm with, and the orgasms are always intense. Its versatility is a great selling point, that it can be used to stimulate multiple erogenous zones, and on the lower settings could even be used to arouse a penis, makes this fabulous toy worth a second look. For the experienced connoisseur of sex toys or for the first-time user, the Love Breeze is a must-try.

Satisfyer Love Breeze

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