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We-Vibe Tango

A Love Letter To The We-Vibe Tango

We-Vibe Tango

Today I spent some time reflecting on my history with the WE-VIBE Tango. A many-year love affair that stayed with me through multiple relationships.

We-Vibe Tango

I first encountered the WE-VIBE Tango at SEXPO in 2014, trying to find a unique birthday present for my partner at the time. I was quickly won over by the retail worker who highlighted the charging cable that plugged right into the wall! The charger was magnetised which meant the tango was waterproof. I also appreciated the flashy lights that told you it would soon be time to charge. As someone who had too many times experienced the desperation of trying to achieve an orgasm before the dying vibrations came to an end, this sounded like a luxury! I counted my pennies all those years ago and was delighted to be able to splurge on this little lipstick shaped bullet that would fit right into my pocket.

It became a shared toy within my relationship and was brilliant for partnered play, but I was in love with this little gadget. So, when the relationship ended, the WE-VIBE Tango came home with me.

I would not part with it.

The downside to this early model was that the chargers magnetised connection was round, and so was the tango! This meant that every time I put them together to charge, the tango and charger would roll to the edge of the table and often fall to the hard floor below. I tried many times to prop it up but at the end of an especially fun session, maintaining the charge was by far my highest priority. This eventually led to a crack forming up the plastic length which put an end to my waterproof joy.

Along came the WE-VIBE Tango number 2. The model was almost identical, why mess with such beauty?

The packaging, the colour options, the shape- almost everything. Except the charging cable was now rectangular and had a USB connection! Not only did this mean I could charge my Tango without it rolling away, but I could charge it in my car, at my computer, anywhere with a usb port and creative thinking.

The WE-VIBE Tango travelled with me around Australia. It came to work in my bag, it lived in my car, it went to the shops. Anywhere I was, the tango came too. As someone who at the time engaged in Grindr hook-up culture, having the tango on hand was incredibly successful in ways the hook-ups often weren’t.

But alas, our journey came to an end.

Not due to misuse or wear and tear, but my need to have my tango so close at hand meant that when my car was broken into one night, the little silk transport sack nestled into my board-game bag (because why not keep all your toys in the same place?) became the only potential thing of value to the curious person rifling through my belongings.

I returned to my car to find my bag emptied and board games littering the street. Everything was recovered, except my tango.

I wandered the streets the next morning and found to my surprise the little white drawstring bag, and then further still the instruction manual. But the tango itself was gone. I only hope that my WE-VIBE Tango found a new home and ended it’s days just as loved.

The time had come again for me to find a new vibrator,

and by now the market was exploding with options. But the Tango still held the key to my heart, and so I left the shops with a new tango, same colour, and again no improvements needed. The WE-VIBE Tango and I experienced a long and happy relationship together as my life shifted and changed. As I welcomed new partners in and said goodbye to old relationships over the years.

We-vibe Tango

Eventually, the low power alert light would flash too often, and the once powerful and fairly quiet vibrations became louder and rattlier. While I only ever used the most powerful setting and absolutely adored that it would automatically switch on to the last setting used- even the most powerful vibrations were starting to fade. My WE-VIBE Tango was reaching the end of its life.

I don’t remember the last time we were together, but at some point, it went back in its little silky bag and didn’t come out again.

I decided to explore the other options WE-VIBE had to offer. I discovered, to my delight, the WE-VIBE Wish. While the targeted pinpoint vibrations were lacking, the smooth silicone casing and curved shape that fit into my hand and lay against my body oh so deliciously, won me over.

But the Wish, even with its exciting new compatibility to the WE-Connect app, just didn’t push my buttons in the way the Tango always had. The vibrations while powerful were too dispersed for my tastes, both due to shape and silicone casing, and despite having more surface area to hold on, it required too much pressure and my hands would get sore. Unfortunately, I also had difficulties with the WE-Connect app and eventually gave up on trying to use it. The wish had a short life with me and eventually it broke from the pressure.

I’ve tried a few other vibrator models since, but all paths lead back to the WE-VIBE Tango.

When shopping for vibrators you often get asked about whether you prefer internal or external vibrations, but less often are the differences between pinpoint and diffused (also known as focused or broad) vibrations explained for external vibrators.

Pinpoint (or focused)

The Pinpoint vibrations are great for those of us with bodies that have a particular spot which feels good where the rest of the area might be overly sensitive. For those of us with a clitoris you might find that one side feels phenomenal and the other is average- or for a penis there might be sweet spots underneath the head or down the shaft where vibrations can be maintained when the head is too sensitive.  The pinpoint vibrations in this instance can target those areas without affecting the more sensitive parts that might lead to overstimulation.

Diffused (or broad)

More diffused vibrations can be wonderful if you find pinpoint is too stimulating, or the sensations are too powerful and you prefer an all-over approach. For a generalised vibration that covers a wider area, wands are the go-to such as the Doxy, and as I mentioned previously the Wish. You can use these wider surface areas to dilute the vibrations which can be helpful for avoiding those highly sensitive areas, but you can also ramp up these vibrators to much higher settings and use them all over your body. You can use these vibrators over underwear or clothing. Sometimes people might use a towel between the toy and their body to further diffuse the vibrations for longer sessions.

We-Vibe Tango

For people who require more pinpoint vibration, diffused vibration can sometimes be too powerful even on the lower settings. It can overstimulate more sensitive areas and go between feeling too powerful or not powerful enough. It can also be numbing over a long period of use which can impact on and delay or prevent orgasm if you’re using a vibrator that doesn’t match your body.

As a pinpoint person I find myself using diffused vibrators for much longer and only manage an orgasm some of the time, so having a bullet in my arsenal can make all the difference.

Knowing what sensations your body prefers is incredibly helpful for having fulfilling and enjoyable sex with yourself or with others, and the best ways to find out is through exploration.

It seems that while WE-VIBE has made many different vibrating toys

including the newer Tango X, the original WE-VIBE Tango is still as unchanged as ever, even in its same cheerful blue and pink colour options. I will be returning once more to my vibrator of choice the WE-VIBE Tango when the time comes to add to my collection, and until that time I will continue to think back wistfully and lovingly on the memories of the tango over the years.

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