People that take medication sometimes experience side effects that can have a negative impact on their sex life and libido. Some of these side effects can include things like Erectile Disfunction (ED), vaginal dryness and or vaginal tightening, and even a lack of sex drive. Sometimes these side effect cause other side effects more often than not lead to a poor if not non-existent sex life and sexual experience.

The reason for taking medications

might also be a factor in a less than satisfying sex life. People in chronic pain, mobility issues, tremors, cardiovascular and circulation problems… the list goes on. Often, we have to be mindful of the fact that we can’t just pop a pill to get in the mood because the drugs in that pill might conflict with the medication we are on. So what’s the solution?

We aren’t doctors

so we aren’t going to pretend to know anything about medications people are taking, nor would we make any recommendations regarding the medication directly. It’s our job as sexual wellness specialists to come up with solutions and workarounds that can improve your sex life no matter cause or the disfunction. Below is a common list of side effect stemming from medications for illnesses like Diabetes, Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Pain and Chronic Pain, Fertility and Reproductive issues and so on. This isn’t an exclusive list but it’s a start so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Some medications make it hard to move, they may make you dizzy, or prone to nausea, you might even be experiencing pain regardless of your medication which might make laying in certain positions difficult or near impossible! We always recommend pillows!! Pillows are your friend when mobility isn’t. You can use common household pillows until you find a combination that works for you. However we recommend the Liberator range, these can be quite expensive nonetheless just browsing the range might give you some ideas around how to use the pillows and cushions in your house to help during sex. They also make furniture designed ergonomically to make sex easier! You can check out their full range at their website here and remember we can order almost all of these products in-store and have them pretty quickly, we do stock a small range here but mainly as an example of the product.

Erectile disfunction (ED):

Ed comes in many forms, sometimes its impossible to get an erection, sometimes an erection can occur but isn’t hard enough or doesn’t last very long and goes soft before climax or ejaculation. These are all forms of ED and in most cases, they can be treated with medication. But what if ED medication conflicts with other medications your taking? Maybe the medications aren’t compatible or maybe you don’t see the results you’re after?

For people experiencing ED we recommend manual pumping, there is an article on this blog that we recommend everyone who is pumping should have a quick read of. But the few main things we try to tell people about pumps is:

Have realistic expectations;

no matter the reason for pumping, its not just a quick fix, regular pumping (3-5 times a week) can improve erection hardness and control, and even help with climax control. There are different methods for different outcomes, but there really isn’t a wrong way to do it. And the big one is; if it hurts, stop pumping immediately. We like to use the term “Don’t go past the point of discomfort”

Pumps do make the penis bigger over time but it’s honestly not as evident as people say, and we really don’t try to focus on that aspect of pumping too often.

Good examples of pumps:

Great for beginners, I usually tell people there is no need to spend more then $60 or so dollars on a pump if it’s your first pump. So this style is generally my go-to recommendation:

Cock Rings, C- rings, Penis Rings:

C-rings are a great option for people that can get an erection but have trouble maintaining it. They can also be used while pumping to keep the erection that a pump provides. I usually recommend a stretchy silicone band with a thickness of at least 5mm. I find the thinner ones dig in a bit and are quite uncomfortable.

Perfect fit do some great silicone rings here

The ScreamingO Pro is another great kit

Calexotics do a wide range of silicone and non-silicone options as well

This kit from ScreamingO has three different sizes all with different levels of stretch and is a great option for those that are really un sure!

For a more in-depth discussion on C-rings check out our blog post on C-rings here the information here is we worth the read for any with a penis who needs a little help staying hard and wants to last longer.

Vaginal Arousal and Libido:

We find some medications can cause vaginal tightness, dryness, and or just genital pain in general, also a drop in libido, this is much harder to treat for women then it is for men when it comes to products. However, we have had some success with some very simple approaches.

Excessive dryness

can be combated with a vaginal moisturiser like this JO product. This can be used throughout the day and reapplied when needed, it is PH balanced to suit the Vagina and shouldn’t cause any irritation. It is not designed to replace lubricant during penetration Lubricant can still be used for sex, however, lube is not naturally moisturising, Vaginal Moisturisers can help to prevent genital pain cause from excessive dryness.

Sometimes Wearing ben-wa balls 

or Kegel balls can be a great way of increasing sexual confidence and libido in general, and pairing this with Kegel exercises can help strengthen the pelvic floor, which also can reduce pain. Check out our blog post on Kegels  

Tightness and pain during sex can have many causes but we do often recommend Dilators in these situations along with plenty of lubricants during sex. Get more info on the right lube for you in our blog post on Lubricant, And have a browse of some of the dilator kits we stock online:

SheOlogy Vaginal Dilators

Alena Set Of Three Dilators

Arousal Gels and Massage Oils

Arousal gels and Massage oils are always a great way to help with libido issues

Arousal Oils and Gels can be a great way to get your Vagina in the mood which can help with your own libido and natural lubrication. They work by stimulating the clitoris often with a buzzing sensation and some products can even warm or cool depending on your preferences. This is a great way to promote natural lubrication and increase libido. Check out Sarah’s review of the ON Arousal Oil here

The same can be said for Scented Massage Oils, products like Wildfire are genital safe and have a euphoric and aphrodisiacal effect. Not to mention a good massage will get almost anyone in the mood for romantic sex.


So there it is, there are many other ideas and methods that can be explored but these are tried and true for us and our clients. One other thing that can often help is masturbation! Masturbation is the universal Libido enhancer, and as long as the focus is on self-care and self-love then there is nothing but good things that can come from it.

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