ROMP Flip Wand: A Flippin’ good time! New user sex toy review.

ROMP Flip Wand, Sex Toy Review

A pleasure to the people!, the ROMP Flip wand massager makes big promises from the very start. Both the brand ROMP and this style of wand massager were new to me, I wasn’t sure what my expectations were, but it broke every one of them. Whilst this toy won’t suit all wants and needs, as a reasonably priced toy, the ROMP Flip is worth considering for many reasons.

Visual Appeal & Packaging 4/5

This box was an eye-catcher,

When most of the female sex toy industry is covered in black, pink and purple, an electric blue box really stands out. Most toy packaging provides the suggestion of femininity or domination, while the Flip gives off more active lifestyle vibes. Inside the box was a moderate amount of plastic to discard, but nothing outside of industry norms. The Flip wand massager itself mimics the boxes colour scheme: electric blue with vibrant yellow accents – this is not what I am used to with sex toys, however, it looks good and the colour makes no difference to how a toy vibrates.

ROMP Flip Wand, Sex Toy Review
ROMP Flip Wand, Sex Toy Review
ROMP Flip Wand, Sex Toy Review

When I first checked the design, I wondered if the tapered handle was for internal massage – it is named the Flip, so I wondered if you could literally flip the toy 180and keep having fun. However, after turning the wand on and feeling little to no vibration in the handle I realised that it was just a handle and should not be inserted into my vagina. Then, after checking the instruction leaflet I can see it is clearly printed in there, so I repeat, the ROMP Flip is for external use only. One bonus inside the box was a small sheet of cheeky stickers, eyeballs that were also vaginas, suggestive penis shapes and breasts, these made me giggle endlessly.

Functionality 4/5

This versatile, microphone shaped, vibrating wand has quickly become a favourite toy in my bedroom, for several reasons,

it feels amazing; can be used for orgasm, foreplay and for non-erotic massage;

is so easy to use and clean; is waterproof, and is couple friendly. Really this powerful vibrating toy could be for anyone and the price point makes it accessible for any person wanting it as an erotic or platonic massage tool. Featuring a long, tapered handle, encased in silky smooth silicone, the wand is easy to grip and comfortable to use, no matter where the massaging end is directed.

Needing less than 2 hours to charge fully, the ROMP can provide up to 1-hour playtime, on the highest vibrations. My one gripe with this product comes from the pushpin charger, and to be fair this is an industry-standard charger for waterproof toys. These chargers can be difficult for people with muscular problems, arthritis and reduced eyesight, however, the ease of use otherwise is accessible for any person who wants to use it. I said it was easy to clean and this is no lie, there are no deep crevices or edges to meticulously clean, plus it is fully waterproof meaning cleaning can be finished in less than 30 seconds. As a solo or couples toy, this is one of the simplest overall toys I have used.

Vibration Style & Material 4/5

For the most part, lubricant is a personal choice since this toy is for external use only, however when using the wand on your nether regions, lube can make the experience more enjoyable. Silky-smooth covering helps the adjustable head glide over the skin easily. 

The vibration style is a high-frequency buzz that deeply penetrates muscle and tissue, boasting ten different settings you can enjoy:

4 vibration patterns with 6 different levels of intensity. At times the vibration patterns could become too similar, this is easily fixed by cycling through the patterns. Depending on your preference and physiology, the vibration intensity may not suit everyone, even when the battery is running low, the high-frequency buzz can be felt deep into the area being massaged.

Wow Factor / Pleasure 5/5

Personally, I found the ROMP Flip wand massager easy and pleasurable to use, it felt like I could lie back and allow the wand to do all the work. Normally I don’t use clitoral stimulators, 

I prefer a more internal vibration with gentle external, clitoral stimulation, however, this fabulous wand has opened my mind to experiment with what I like.

Because the head of the massager is larger, it can stimulate multiple areas, like the clitoris and the labia, at the same time. I didn’t consider this to have much of an impact until I orgasmed… WOW. For my experience, this toy can help produce a strong, extended orgasm, possibly because of the continuous, high-frequency vibration and multiple areas of stimulation.

As a body massager, it is used weekly:

after gym or Pilates sessions, or just to help me relax, it really helps to release knots in shoulders and thighs. Even my husband enjoys relaxing with the Flip buried into his shoulder muscles.

For a couples massage, the Flip easily transitions from helping each other de-stress to an erotic play tool.

 It is important to remember that while using the ROMP flip as a body massager, you must avoid contact with oil and silicone-based massage oils as this will damage the silicone its made from. Stick you Water-based lubricants or use a condom to cover the toy if using oil-based massage oils.

Previously I had avoided the ‘microphone style’ vibrators and massagers, I found their shape intimidating and was unsure if they were compatible with my anatomy. 

Once I tried the Flip massager wand, I realised how much enjoyment my body can get from this one product. 

Regardless of your body shape, flexibility or fitness level, the ROMP Flip is easy to use in many positions. Most of my friends have already heard how much I love this massager, and many are now curious to buy their own, though my husband is an even bigger fan than I am.

Being able to share massages together with the Flip, but also having another toy, that requires so little effort for either of us to use pleasurably adds a new flavour to the bedroom. To be clear, my husband does not enjoy the Flip for his own personal, sexual use whilst some people with a penis and testicles may enjoy using this wand for sexual enjoyment, the deep penetrating vibrations may be too intense for others. 

From my experience, I believe the ROMP Flip wand massager is an essential toy to have in the bedroom drawer.

The ROMP Flip Body Wand Gets:

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