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System JO Personal Lubricant 5 Reason Why You Need It

System Jo Personal Lubricant Care Kit Product Review

So you need to clean your sex toys!

When using toys on our private parts, it is important to start and finish with a clean toy, for several reasons, but most importantly, for the health of your intimate areas. The Jo Personal Lubricant Care Kit is a great place for any person to start cleaning their toy, but also enjoy safe, pleasurable sex that won’t impact toys or sensitive parts of the body, using the water-based lubricant or Premium silicone-based lubricant. This is the System Jo Care Kit Product Review!

Maintaining toys through proper cleaning and using them with the right products helps with toy longevity, avoiding skin reactions and infections and is also tantamount before storing them to avoid a biohazard developing in your storage box or drawer.

When engaging in anal sex or more intense activities like fisting, it is imperative you use heavy-duty products like silicone-based lubricants. Meet the essential items by JO: Refresh Foaming Toy CleanerH20 Personal Lubricant, and Premium silicone-based lubricant…

Visual appeal and packaging 5/5

Both the lubricants and the foam cleaner are presented in neat cylinder bottles, depending on where they’re bought from they may have a protective layer of plastic encapsulating the bottle for security, or tape sealing the lid shut. Regardless, the minimalist packaging and design on the bottles is clean and appealing.

When surrounded by the loud coloured labels of many other products, the JO line stands out for its fresh presentation. 

Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner is a pump-action bottle whilst the H20 Personal Lubricant and Premium silicone-based lubricant are in a squeeze bottle, the simple style of the bottle further reduces waste and the environmental impact. When finished with the products all of the bottles are fully recyclable, or could easily be upcycled after removing the labels.

Functionality 4/5

Refresh has a simple pump action that releases plenty of foam with each pump,

the foam is easy to spread around then remove with water, and feels gentle on your skin. 

Unlike other pump-action bottles. This product is accessible to everyone who needs to clean a sex toy, it’s easy to use and ready to wash off under running water in 10 seconds. Despite the light feel of the foam, this can remove thicker layers of debris from toys by lightly massaging foam into the spot. H20 and Premium’s squeeze bottles are surprisingly sturdy, yet easy to squeeze, regardless of your muscular strength. For people who struggle with muscular control the squeeze bottle could be more difficult to use, because a muscle contraction may release more lubricant than needed or desired.

This problem can be avoided by taking advantage of gravity and being aware of how the lubricant is angled when dispensing. One thing that is always great about lubricant and toy cleaners is that it doesn’t matter what your preferences are, there is a product for you and the JO Care Kit with Refresh, H20 and Premium really are for anyone: gay, straight, queer, trans, intersex – 

if you have a sex drive, if you use toys and lubricant, then these products are worth looking at.

Just another reminder,

if engaging in anal play, H20 does not provide adequate lubrication to protect the anus from damage, Premium is the lubricant for this kind of play.

Texture and material 4/5

For a foaming cleaner, Refresh feels surprisingly light and gentle on the skin and rinses off in seconds, leaving no trace of residue. Depending on your personal skin health,

this cleaner is safe and gentle for most people. It proudly claims to be alcohol, sulphate and paraben-free, 

which many people consider to be important for the products they choose. Because the cleaner is foam the product lasts for ages, providing excellent value for money. Water based lubricant is a must for any silicone or latex products including condoms and toys.

Compared to oil or silicone based lubricants,

H20 is easy to clean up, once you are finished with the lubricant it is as simple as wash and wipe to remove any trace. H20 is also ideal for people with sensitive skin, there are so few ingredients and none of them are scented, plus the glycerine is plant-based making this a vegan-friendly product. Between your fingers, the lubricant glides with an almost oily quality, as you apply more friction to the lube it will eventually dry/absorb somewhat, but this takes some time before it needs to be reapplied, if it needs to be reapplied at all.

Some lubricants can feel sticky from the start or as they start to absorb, H20 never feels sticky or tacky. Premium has an oily texture, and does not need to be reapplied often, like H20 it does not become tacky or sticky, and surprisingly washes off with ease under warm water.


Wow factor/pleasure 5/5

I don’t know how much wow a person can get from lubricant and toy cleaner, but if there is excitement to be had, the JO products would generate that energy. Refresh is something I use regularly, it is what I reach for before and after using any toy in my collection because I haven’t found an easier, better cleaner. Being sensitive to many household cleaners and having a latex allergy means that I am often wary of new cleaning products, but JO’s Refresh ticks all the boxes for me to safely and happily clean my toys.

For toys like the Fleshlight, this cleaner easily slips into the crevices to thoroughly cleanse for next time. Lubricant is something I have not used often, because haven’t needed to, I don’t have problems with vaginal dryness or arousal. 

However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use lubricant before I’m wet, 

or whilst pleasuring my husband. Plus, just because I don’t have problems now, doesn’t mean I won’t in the future. Sticking with that attitude I tried a few of my favourite dildos out using H20 and the added slickness made for a more intense and pleasurable experience. Honestly this is most often used for my husband’s Fleshlight, where it is the perfect match for the silicone sheath. Premium isn’t used often for me because I don’t engage in regular anal play nor do I own toys that are glass, steel or ceramic. 

Luckily it can also be used for vaginal intercourse and play, where it makes things slippery beyond belief which is super fun,

orgasms where everything feels so slippery and buttery are intense.

Best of all this made giving my husband hand jobs so much fun, for both of us and made his orgasm more intense than usual. Whilst I won’t be using lubricant during every sexual experience I have, I look forward to reaching for these, should I need them.

These three products, Refresh, H20 and Premium, are now staples in my adult toy box,

every person who owns adult toys should, at the very least, also purchase the Jo Care Kit. When the basic sizes of all three products will set you back around $50 there’s not really an excuse to avoid investing in a set of products that will support the longevity of the toys you love, and support your safe, healthy, pleasurable sex life.

Refresh is so easy to use there is no reason to avoid cleaning your toys before and after use. There aren’t really downsides to be discussed about cleaners and lubricants. Everyone needs to use them sometimes, vaginal dryness happens to women of all ages and backgrounds, and for men the added slickness can help maintain erections for longer. There are endless reasons to explore toy cleaners and lubricant, and endless options to choose from, JO’s Refresh, H20 and Premium are a great place to start.

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